28.5 vs 29.5

By: Dylan Reimers

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this experiment is to determine if shooting three point % varies using with a woman's ball and a mens ball. I am interested in this experiment because ball is life. The information gained from this experiment will tell me where someone is at with shooting with a mens ball.

Background Knowledge

There are 3 different kinds of sizes you can use to play basketball 27.5, 28.5,and 29.5. Women's ball is a 28.5 and a men's ball is 29.5. If you want a good ball you want good grip and how it fits your hand. They have leather, synthetic, and rubber balls. Rubber balls are more for youth kids that are just starting basketball.

Composite leather is a synthetically produced material that feels like leather. Professional leagues use basketballs made from genuine leather as these are the softest and most comfortable material. Such basketballs which are more durable can bounce well and are great for outdoor courts with asphalt surfaces. The leather balls help you with your form shooting. The NBA players use the Spalding ball.


My hypothesis is if you shoot with a mens ball then you will have less accuracy than with a woman's ball. I will base my hypothesis on my past basketball experience.

Materials I need

Mens Ball

Women's Ball

3 participants


IV: Basketball size

DV: Accuracy

CV: People

CV: Brand of ball


1) Get mens and woman's ball.

2) Have 3 people to participate

3) Tell them they can shoot anywhere around the three point line.

4) Have one person at a time shoot 10 times with a men's ball.

5) Record shots made

6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other 2 participants.

7) Repeat steps 4-6 with a woman's ball.


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My hypothesis is if you shoot with a mens ball then you will have less accuracy than with a woman's ball. The results indicate that my hypothesis was wrong. Based on the results of this experiment, you don't have worry to adapt to a 29.5 ball because it is just as easy as shooting with a 28.5 ball. If I were to do this experiment again I would stay in one place the hole time.


Ty, Cael, and Noah


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