Take out party!

How-to guide

Tired of hearing.."I'm too busy"..."I don't have time"..."I don't wanna clean" - Well.. this could be the solution!

Take out parties are a great way to spread your information even further than a 10 mile radius! These can be sent just about anywhere (within the U.S. or APO territories). There are quite a few people that will say no because they just don't have the time, like most of us! So why not give them an easier way to earn some great rewards, and get you some more points towards the Cabo trip!

She's finished, now what...?

Getting the party back is just as important as sending it.

Be sure to include instructions on how to send the party back to you. Maybe even include a prepaid label, so they can just stick it on the box and send it out. Ask that delivery confirmation be added, so you can track everything on its way back. The hostess should not only send you back everything you sent her, but also include the order forms and any catalogs that were not used. If someone would like to order online, give her a deadline of when that order needs to be in by [preferably within the week]. Set up a party online first, so if you have any online orders you can just add the orders you received to it. Enter the party as any other, have the orders sent to the hostess to hand out. :) Be sure you check in with her before you close out the party to make sure you got everything she wanted, with or without using rewards. Treat her as you would any other hostess. Send her a little thank you gift or note, so she knows you care.

Don't forget to include the Hostess Exclusive for the month!

Include any specials or HE going on that month, so she and her guests/customers can take advantage of every good deal! :)

Put your info on everything that someone can keep. You never know when they may need it!