All about me

By Ernesto Hernanez

getting to know me

When I was born in Chicago IL I got sick with the flu and when i was around it was pretty bad and i almost died. I don't remember anything but my dad always told me that I would never be left alone if i was left alone I would start to cry. But luckily I over came the flu. My mom was also sick with this one sickness that makes her weak but now she is stronger.

getting to know me a bit better

Later when I was two my dad and mom divorced. My dad missed my mom and when he cried i would laugh he would always tell me that would encourage him. The judge said i would have to go 3 months with my mom and 3 months with my dad. Later that changed cause my mom got laid off and I stayed with my dad for the whole school year and went with my mom during summer vacation. Two years ago my dad married my step mom. This my life.

My favorite music artist

zomboy is my favorite artist.


Nuclear (Hands Up) by Zomboy

Date of birth

Sunday, July 21st 2002 at 12am

Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago, IL

my favorite teams are anything that is my hometown

couple of facts about me

what i want to be when I'm older

when i was little i wanted to be a lot of things now i know i want to be a computer enginer and a video game creater. I also thought of beign a profisional soccer player but only 2% make it so my chances are pretty low.

couple of pics

couple pics of me or family members

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Waking up our puppy to his favorite song "let it go"
Baby Bat Burritos
Everytime I visit this owl it gives me this face

my favorite sports

favorite sports

I have many favorite sports. Soccer is my most favorite sport I started playing it when I was 3 years old. Then in second is lacrosse where I come from (Chicago) I did play lacrosse a little but not a lot but I did like it. I also play baseball but I'm never here when the season starts because I have to go to Tennessee to see my mom. These are pretty much all the sports I play.

My bio

My name is Ernesto Hernandez and I like soccer, pizza and lacrosse.