Globalization and Diffusion

By: Abby, Sofia, Sabrina, and Sarah G.


People have immigrated from all over the world. This creates a wide variety of languages spoken. English is obviously the most common spoken language, but Spanish, French, Chinese, and various other languages are spoken in the United States.


Different food from all over the world is brought to the United States because of the large amount of immigrants. There are plenty of restaurants that have Mexican food, Italian food, and French food origins. Some examples are Taco Bell, Macaroni Grill, and La Madeline. Also, special dishes, such as fish and chips from England, have come to the United States.


As well as food, clothing from other countries have impacted the United States. Things such as Uggs have come from Australia. They are now very popular in the U.S. Also, clothing and accessories from places like Louis Vuitton have become popular in America.


Certain bands and music styles in general have come to America. Things such from classical music from Europe to the Beatles from the United Kingdom have impacted the society. Shakira is another example of a big star that has come to the U.S.


Architecture has also come from places across the world. For example, the Adobe houses in New Mexico have come from Native Americans and Spanish style homes have come from Spain. Cathedrals have come from Europe and have come to America.


There are plenty of business that have originated in other countries. For example the Ferrari and Lamborgini are from Italy and Mini Coopers originated in England. As said before, Louis Vuitton was created in France and has come to America.


For the most part, the Founding Fathers came up with a unique system to create the government. But they had a few influences. Such as, John Locke who had morals that the Founding Fathers wanted to add into the government such as separation of powers. Also David Hume influenced them because he believed in freedom of speech. John Locke was from France and David Hume is from Italy.