L Trap

MY project

What it will look like

This is my picture of my Trap. The Leprechaun will climb up the lego stairs and go over the plain bridge witch is my simple machine. Once the leprechaun is done going over the plain he will not see the whole that he sis sliding into.

my paragraph

My project will called the shoeboxanatorgreenygoldtrap but for short we will call it the S.B.G.G.T. For the project I am going use a shoebox,Legos,Paper,Popsicle stick and whatever else needed. But what will happen is the leprechaun will hop on to the legos like step and be on the shoebox then in order to pass throught he will go over a ramp somewhat like a swinging bridge. then the leprechaun will get to the middle and slide into a whole and the hole will close up. So the leprechaun will be trapped in the shoebox in the dark while the gold and the rainbow was fake. My simple machine will be a ramp and this really helps in my project because when the leprechaun goes on the ramp he will slide right into the trap and the ramp also helps because it hides the hole right in the middle of the shoe box.