News Notes & Dates

Week of March 16

Principal's Corner

** As a principal, it is very rewarding to see staff members continue to improve their professional development and continue to look for continuous ways to increase learning.

I wanted to congratulate Mary Moore for recently being asked to be a trainer in this area for MEmbean. Nagel as you well know is an 'Exemplary' school and the way to keep this building and yourself in that league is to look for these type of opportunities.

**A huge shout out to Mimi Clark who coordinated the FIRST annual Chess Tournament at Nagel. Thirty-four students represented six schools for the first FHSD intra-district chess tournament. We received many great compliments from the participants who felt it was a great success! WooHoo Mimi!

**Please remember - tomorrow - March 18 is the Team Leader Meeting - ROOM CHANGE - Please NOTE Room 114.


* Tues. March 17th - Happy St. Patrick's Day

* Tues. March 17th - Orchestra Concert

* Wed. March 18th - TEAM LEADER MEETING @ 2:30 Room 114/116

* Wed. March 18th - Chorus Concerts @ 6:30 & 8:00 pm

* Wed. March 18th - Spring Picture Day (during lunches) on Stage

* Thurs. March 19th - 7th to 8th Grade Parent Transition Meetings @ 6:00

A RIVER cuts through a rock, not because of its power but its PERSISTENCE. ~ Jim Watkins

Counselor's Corner

Have a great week!


Lizzy's Academic Advice

Item #1

7th Grade Advisors

Please note that next week Lizzy and Amy M./Christine will be visiting your team meetings to discuss scheduling concerns for your current 7th graders as they transition to 8th grade. Please consider developing a list of "with's" and "not with's" as far as particular students you know should or should not be placed on a team together. Also be sure to share any other concerns you have about students as it pertains to scheduling.

Item #2

7th Grade Advisors

On March 19th (Thursday) you will have an administrator or counselor visiting your room at 11:30 to discuss the 7th to 8th grade scheduling process. Prior to this date, you will have your 7th graders scheduling sheets (separated by advisor) delivered to your team office. Please bring your 7th graders to the flex room at 11:20 on the 19th and pass out their scheduling sheets prior to the administrator or counselor coming at 11:30. Do NOT pass these scheduling sheets out any earlier than 11:20 on the 19th. This transition meeting should last approximately 10-15 minutes.

Item #3

7th Grade Advisors

Please be reminded that scheduling sheets are due from your 7th graders by Friday, March 27th. Please gives all of these scheduling sheets to Lizzy prior to leaving for Spring Break. Place a post-it note on the top of the stack and indicate any students from your advisory that did not turn in their scheduling sheets.

Item #4

Just FYI, we will have a parent 7th to 8th grade transition meeting on Thursday, March 19th. Linked is the flyer if you are interested. This flyer will be constant contacted home, listed on the webpage, and was provided to parents at conferences.

Joy's Journal

The Bailey Special


PARCC EOY/C: April 13th - May 15th

AIR EOY/C: May 4th - May 15th (8th Science only)

Schedules are being created as you read this! It will look drastically different than round 1. We will send to Team Leaders for review ASAP.

#2: Spring Athletics Rosters are being finalized. I will send a link to you when they are ready. 1 Boys Tennis Team, 2 Softball Teams, and 1 ginormous Track Team!

#3: Please remind students that if they are interested in Fall Athletics (Football, Girls Tennis, Cross Country, Volleyball, Cheer, and Boys and Girls Golf), their 4th quarter grades determine eligibility. Keep 'em motivated!

#4: Please share our Nagel Athletics Twitter with your students: @nagelathletics. Best source for Nagel Athletics news, updates and announcements! You should give us a follow as well!