Battle of Okinawa

Biggest of the Pacific Island Battles of WW2

Key Info

This battle involved about 287,000 American troops VS. 130,000 Japanese soldiers. The capture of Okinawa was part of a three-point plan the Americans had for winning the war in the Far East. During the event, the Japanese used a mass air attack by planes to defend themselves from the Americans attempted raid. The goal of the battle was to destroy the Japanese merchant fleet and use airships to launch bombs on the island.

Thursday, March 1st 1945 at 12am to Friday, June 22nd 1945 at 11pm

Okinawa Island, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

Ginoza, Okinawa Prefecture


"It was a scene straight out of hell. There is no other way to describe it." (Higa Tomiko) 7 year old surviver


Both commanding generals on both sides died. America: Simon B. Buckner by artillery fire; Japan: Ushijima Misturu by suicide.

Americans: 12373 killed; 32056 wounded

Japanese: 107000 killed; 7400 taken as prisoners

Long Lasting Impact

The Battle of Okinawa was known to be one of the bloodiest and the most deadly of the Pacific wars. This being stated, the impact of the war leaves Japan with a silence of infamy. The day id still remembered in the country, but silently spoken of in history book due to the ironically great relationship we have with Japan today.