I can describe how resources affect the community.

What resources does my tribe use to create shelter? Why?

The Occaneechi tribe made shelter out of wood, bark and twine. These houses were called wigwams. They also had meeting places to discuss problems. They also had sweat lodges.

What does my tribe eat? How do they get it? Why?

They eat mostly animals that live locally susch as deer, bears, etc. They eat those because it is local and not far away. They also grow plants for food because they have the area and resources to grow the food.The plants they eat include corn, apples, and other foods that naturally grow there.

How is water apart of their lives?

In the summer and spring they move close to water because of the intense heat and so they can farm. They use the water for watering plants and fishing for food. They also used the water for drinking and cooking.

What tools does your tribe use? What resources do they use to create them?

They use animal fur and deer skin for clothes, trading, blankets, and warmth. They use wood for building their homes, and hunting. Plants wood, and animals are a huge part of their life

Describe your tribes community and their different roles.

The Occaneechi tribe of NC piedmont, are usually traveling in small groups. They also move according to the seasons for example in the spring and summer, they would move close to water because of the heat and because it was farming season so they could water plants. They have a government similar to ours, but they have a Chief & council.