Ripple Buds

By Dusik Shin

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How will you communicate with the world?

Dusik Shin and his Ripple Buds team created a way to communicate to the world with a clearer way. RippleBuds is the world’s smartest Bluetooth earbuds equipped with an in-ear microphone system.

The Team

This is the Ripple Bud Team that worked together to create the smallest Bluetooth earbuds.
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The Idea

While Shin Dusik had been in the city and his phone would mess up with cutting up noise. So they created the Ripple buds with a 2 way sound wave connections through the Ripple Buds. This is how the Ripple Buds idea was created.


Ripple Buds are $69 each and when you pay$69 or more you get a free pair of Ripple Buds. The Ripple Buds team has earned $500,923 when they have had a goal of $50,000.


This product is great for people who need help hearing and get distracted while on the phone in a noisy place. These give you Bluetooth compatible connections to connect with you mobile devices. These earbuds are great for kids as well.