LIBS Week 3

You're halfway done!

Welcome to Week 3

This week we're focusing on Week 3 Content and Research Log 2. You will work completely through Week 3 first, and when you get to the end, you will find a link to go to the Research Log Project Part 2.

**Before you begin Log 2, please print out the Research Log 2 Guide If you haven't already done this. Click the Research Log 2 Guide button below. Log 2 is a huge part of your grade, and I want you to score as highly on it as possible. If you follow the directions on the log itself and the tips I have given you in the guide you will be in great shape!

Next week is the final exam (can you believe we're there already?). It will be available from Thursday - Saturday at midnight. Make arrangements now to have some uninterrupted time during those three days to complete the exam, as it must be done in one sitting. There is a Final Exam FAQ document in Content -> Week 3 (and also linked here at the bottom of this announcement) that will give you an overview of the exam and what to expect. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Research Log 2 Guide - click here

This guide will REALLY help you on Log 2.

What's due in Week 3 and Week 4

Week 3 (due Sunday, 6/10 at midnight)


  • Week 3: Overview, Objectives, and Commentary


  • Submit Quiz 3.1
  • Submit Quiz 3.2
  • Submit Research Log Part 2

Week 4


  • Week 4: Overview, Objectives, and Commentary

Assignments (see specific due dates)

  • Submit Quiz 4.1
  • Submit Quiz 4.2
  • Participate in the Week 4 Discussion
    (only available Monday 6/11 - Wednesday 6/13)
  • Submit the Final Exam.
    A link to the final exam will be made available in Course Content from Thursday, 6/14 - Saturday, 6/16 at midnight. You must complete the final exam sometime during this three-day period unless other are made in advance.

Have a great week!

Final Exam FAQ

Everything (almost!) you need to know about the final exam

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