LMS Guidance Newsletter

May 2015

Our Latest Video Project

LMS Girls Are Empowered.

Our female Lunch Bunch students and many friends decided to join in and make their own music video to show others that they don't have to "Try" so hard to fit in to have others like them. All we should have to do in life is to just be ourselves. Each girl picked a word that she thought described her, decorated it, and is now sharing it with you. I am proud of the strong individuals they are and how they wish to be identified. As you will see, it is not about fitting in, it is about being yourself.

So, why fit in when you were born to stand out!


8th To 9th Grade Transition Planning

8th to 9th Grade Transition Meetings and Career Planning

By now, most 8th graders and their parents have meet to discuss course selection and graduation requirements for the high school. Eighth grade students also had the opportunity to visit BOCES's Career and Technical Center to find out more about the programs and career opportunities available to them as high school juniors. Career planning is an important piece of high school. While high school is about new opportunities and trying many different types of classes, it is also an exposure to different careers.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind with the Transition and Career Planning Process:

  1. Start early... plan ahead... dream possibilities
  2. Know what’s available, who to contact and how to get needed services and ask lots of questions
  3. Be aware that it can be an emotional time – don’t let that be a barrier
  4. Expect success – high expectations lead to greater outcomes
  5. Encourage an awareness of the value of money using allowances and savings accounts, and having your child shop with you.
  6. Encourage your child to ask and think about the question, “What will I be when I grow up?”
  7. Visit offices, shops, factories, and other places of employment to help your child acquire a realistic view of a variety of jobs.

8th Grade Parents~ Please fill out this program evaluation!

Your input is important! Please let me know what you thought about the transition meeting with your son or daughter. I will use this information to make any necessary improvements.

Take What You Need

Need A Pick Me Up?

April tends to be the least favorite school month. It's cold, it's rainy, there's too much testing. To add a little inspiration and cheer, we headed to the bathrooms to leave a little unexpected pick me up.

The eighth graders helped with this project by writing on hundreds of post it notes, little messages of inspiration on each one. The notes were left on bathroom mirrors with a sign that reads, "Take What You Need." They were an instant hit. While the project began in the girls' bathrooms, it wasn't long before the boys were asking us to do theirs as well.

Now, a pen and pack of post it notes are left in the bathrooms, and all students are free to take and leave messages of inspiration for one another. If you have a favorite saying or quote, please be sure to share it with me. I know the 8th graders would also appreciate adding them to their collection of "bathroom quotes."

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A Lesson on Bullying

7th Grade Classroom Lesson On Bullying

Seventh grade classes spent two days talking about bullying. As part of the lesson, we defined what is Mean, Rude, and Bullying. There is a difference, and sometimes the word, "Bullying" is used incorrectly. To define each, Mean is defined as saying something that can hurt someone's feelings on purpose. It is different from bullying in that it is not an ongoing situation. Rude is defined as saying something because one does not stop to think before speaking, and bullying is ongoing hurtful behavior that can be broken down into four categories: physical, social, cyber, and verbal.

In addition, students were given a challenge: to pass a handful of glitter from one person to the next. I promised each class pizza if they could successful pass all the glitter with out leaving any on their hands or without getting any on the floor. Since pizza was involved, they were very careful in their passing of the glitter. What they found, was that the glitter, no matter how hard they tried or how careful they were, could all be passed. Some was left behind. What the 7th graders quickly learned was that our words are like glitter. Once they are out there we can't get every piece back.

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7th grade Bullying Lesson

Talking about anxiety with your child

Talking about anxiety with your children will not make them more anxious. It will, in fact, allow them to realize that experiencing anxiety is normal and help them discover new ways to cope with the feelings they are experiencing.

Encourage your child to open up about when and what makes them anxious, but then teach them to RELAX.

  • Remind yourself-of all the things that are making you anxious
  • Explain what you are feeling and how it is making you anxious
  • Lay out a plan- to control the situation
  • Applaud yourself- in your effort to take control
  • X-hale Out Inhale in-take deep breathes through your nose and from your mouth to relax

Who Sees the Counselor

The Guidance Office is a place for all students and not just for those experiencing problems. Programs include Lunch Bunch with the counselor, Classroom Guidance activities on careers, job skills, bullying, and early college awareness, small group and individual counseling, arranging parent-teacher conferences, and parent groups.