Welcome To 1st Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Brown's Class

Our Poem To Remember- This is the Poem we sing in class every morning.

Penny Penny easily spent cooper brown and worth 1 cent!

Nickel, Nickel thick and fat your worth 5 cents I know that!

Dime, Dime little and think I remember your worth 10!

Quarter, Quarter big and bold your worth 25 I am told!



*** Grades are consistently added every week. Please check your child's grade to see where they are academically.

Absences Notes:

If your child is absent please send a note to the front office stating the day your child was absent and the reason. If your child has a doctor's note that is even better. This will eliminate your child having unexcused absences.

Tuesday folders:

Please check your child's folders everyday and SIGN. On Tuesday I send home all the graded papers and important information. Also, everything paper should be stapled.

Parent Signature on their behavior charts lets me know you have seen your child's conduct and folder for today. By now, I expect my students to have a parent signature everyday.

New videos will be posted online to help your child with math or reading at home. Please have your child take the time to review some of the old videos. We will start talking about money next week as "mini-lesson". We wont actually start teaching it in hard core till after spring break. Start introducing this concept now. What is the value of a dime? nickel? Penny? Quarter?

**** How many ways can I make 25 cents?

Money Concept 9.1-9.3

Extra Credit: (Will go for the lowest grade in Reading)

What will happen to Oliver? Write 3-5 sentences telling me what you might think happen to Oliver? What clues gave you that idea?
Oliver read by Mrs. Brown (make a predication)


Downloading Istation:

Go to services and support and download the google chrome to Istation either on tablet, laptop or computer. Practice practice practice is the key! Click the top button only.

Thank you!

Thank you for all your support in helping this year be a successful year of learning. Please feel free to email me at leena.brown@risd.org or call with any questions or concerns. I truly appreciate you. I am looking forward to seeing your child grow and develop into amazing life long learners.