Walter Payton

By Rogdryk Guillory

Come On

What do you think of when you hear the name Walter? Yes, that’s right if you said Paul Walker your are wrong, but if you said Walter Payton you’re right. Did you know Walter Payton did not just play football, he also did charity’s! You’re going to learn some things you did not and something you didn’t about Walter Payton.

Early Life

Walter Payton was born July 25,1954, Walter Payton was also known as Sweetness.

Of course Walter Payton played football but did you know he played baseball too. Walter Payton was a fast player in Baseball and Football! Walter Payton never dream of playing in the NFL he wanted to play baseball. Walter Payton was recruited to play football in college. He then started his carrer of football.


Walter payton played runing, pass-cach,and block. Sweetness coach was Mike Ditka Mike Ditka was a good friend to him but when he needed Walter payton to work he need Walter to work. He love playing in the NFL, but without hi coach and his team he would probably be a famous baseball player which is ok. Walter Payton was not just the best player on his team in fact there was not best player on his team they all helped win their games.


Walter Payton love kids as much as they love him. That’s why he and his brother Eddie Payton raise 1 million dollars and granted 23 students a scholarship of there choice from a golf tournament. Walter Payton help a lot of colleges in fact his college was Jackson State University. Walter Payton was not just a football player he was also a caring Man.

Walter Payton Family

Walter Payton died on November 1,1999., Walter Payton had two kids a boy and a girl Jarrett Payton and Brittney Payton. Walter left several NFL records and 26 Chicago Bears records. He was and inspiring HERO! Walter Payton was A Beast in football. So when you think of a hero think of Walter Payton!