Ivan Vigil


Getting There

I will get there by flying in an airplane. it will take 16hours +1day

Where to Stay

I'am are staying at the tokyos capital hotel where paying dollars worth of money takin in . it has a luxery condo where theresd a queen size beds,with a extra large bathroom ]


The activites we are doining are we are going to a carinaval and to a whine and dine resterant.

with all kind of beer up to 550 types of whine, and 2,000 dollars worth of beer.according to lonlyplanet.com its what caused laugter and fun


The hotel will take most of my money and i will only have enough money for certian things . solution= I will usec my money to do the activites


It was fun me and colin had a funny travel at the carnaval he fell twice when he got of the ride.

About the Traveler

I am funney and i like to do activites and spend my money when traveling wisley. I've been to california and i like the view, I'am a good person, and love my family, and do what is needed.