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What to Know about Office 365 Right Now

Our current CCS email accounts and files from Google Drive will move to Microsoft Office 365. The transition has been a smooth one. Patty Baldelli and I have been using it for two months, with no major issues. Jennifer Jenkins has a webpage devoted to this conversion: It is a hidden link, so you will be prompted to input your user name and password. Current date for conversion is June 24th, but this date may be moved up, stay tuned for updates.

Imaging Teacher Laptops BEFORE you leave for the Summer

I will be able to image laptops before you leave for the summer. Teachers that are not connected to a Smartboard and plan to come back to HES next year, will be imaged between June 1st-10th. Teachers with laptops connected to a Smartboard and coming back to HES, your laptop will be imaged June 11th. Back up any files on your laptop.
This way you are ready for C&I trainings, Tech Camp and to begin the year. There is no waiting for imaging:)

End of Year Tech To Dos- the Highlights..more details to come

  • all iPads turned in to Computer Lab (334) by June 10th, labeled with room number
  • all laptop carts, with all laptops in them, locked and turned into Computer Lab by June 10th
  • back up all files on Shared (S: drive)
  • back up all files on Home Directory (H: drive)
  • reset your password before you leave for the summer & make sure it syncs with your laptop (more info to come)
  • place DO NOT MOVE or UNPLUG sticker on new Access Point (sticker & info to come)
  • if leaving HES, teacher laptop and iPad returned to Krista by June 11th