Lead Team Update

August 31, 2018

Office of Communications and Marketing: Anthony Kirchner

Please be sure that you have your building closed signs (attached below) posted before you leave 8/31/2018.

From Chief of Staff and Governance: Dr. Theresa Kohler,


Thank you so much for submitting your campus counts each day. They have allowed us to monitor enrollment and make necessary adjustments in order for us to best serve our students.

  • Elementary and Intermediate campuses need to continue to send in their counts through Wednesday, September 5.
  • Secondary campuses no longer need to submit their counts after today.

Thanks again for being diligent in submitting these to our office. I appreciate the extra effort it takes while you are juggling many other tasks. I hope you all get some well-deserved family time and rest over the Labor Day holiday.

Benefits & Workers’ Compensation Specialist- Brittany Peek

When an injury occurs, the Employee Accident/Injury Report form (attached) must be completed immediately and signed by the employee’s supervisor. Please review the form before emailing to the notification list below. Even though the injured employee may not need medical treatment at the time of injury, our office still needs to be notified of the injury by email.

If the injury is after hours, the injured employee can show their Crowley ISD badge to any of the medical facilities in the Trinity Occupational Program for treatment. A list of clinic locations are available on the Crowley ISD website under Workers’ Compensation. If the situation is a medical emergency requiring immediate attention, dial 911 or proceed to the nearest hospital that provides emergency services.

All missed work that is related to Workers’ Compensation must be covered by the employee’s available leave with the exception of the day of injury. If the employee does not have any leave available, the employee will be docked accordingly. An injured employee may become eligible for Temporary Income Benefits (TIBS) paid by workers’ compensation insurance after eight (8) consecutive days absent from work. Upon reaching the eighth consecutive day, Workers’ Compensation insurance will retroactively pay for the first seven days missed due to the injury.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions regarding Workers’ Compensation.

Brittany Peek



Notification List:

Brittany Peek Benefits Specialist

Denise Kendall Payroll Specialist

Pat Panek Director of Safety and Security

Margaret Terry Coordinator of Safety and Security

Sarah Carter Safety and Security Secretary

Office of School Leadership: Penny Hicks

The Deadline Matrix has been moved off the P: Drive and is now housed in SharePoint. You can follow this link to get there 2018-2019 Deadline Matrix or go to SharePoint > Administrative Documents > Deadline Matrix 2018-2019. Only those who had access to the P: drive can edit the documents; all others have view rights.

If you cannot access the document to edit, but should have access, please email penelope.hicks@crowley.k12.tx.us

The Deadline Matrix will still be published weekly here in the Lead Team Update.


Million Father March ~ All Campuses ~ September 20th

Big picture

Hispanic Heritage Bowl ~ All Campuses ~ October 20th


Hispanic Heritage Bowl permission form

All participants must complete a Hispanic Heritage Bowl permission form. Coaches should keep these forms on file at the campus. You can find this form in the attachment below.

If you have any questions, please contact crystel.polk@crowley.k12.tx.us

Deadline Matrix 8-31-2018