Day 4 Challenge

January Booking Blitz

We Want You to RELAX Over The Holidays! Here's the Secret....

Wanna know the secret to relaxing over the holidays?'s a pretty simple recipe...

1 part family
1 part santa or Hannukah
2+ booked January trunk shows
Wine to taste

Yep. That's it! And have the tools to do it!

If you think that January is a slow month for trunk show....THINK AGAIN! It's the NEW NOVEMBER at Stella & Dot! Why you ask? Well here are just a few reasons...

~Who doesn't want to shop at 1/2 off?
~Contact a few guests from your December trunk shows...ask them if they want to throw a Dot Dollar Trunk Show for their friends that shopped in December. Remind the hostess she can get the New Line for FREE with her rewards.

~$50 of EXTRA FREE JEWELRY! addition to the already fabulous perks...they will get an EXTRA $50 FREE!
~Ring in the New Year - offer hostesses a ring of their choice if they book in Jan!

~What's on trend this fall?
~Who is the fashionista who is going to share the Spring Style with her friends. We're ALL tired of our Fall and Winter Wardrobe...bring on Spring!
~Invite them to be a debut hostess and be the FIRST to share the Spring Style!

~Get me out of the house!
~Holidays are OVER...we need a Girls Night!

Those are just a few reasons.

BUT...people don't know what they don't know! So today's challenge is all about sharing the Spring Style!

AND...I guarantee that if you get a few shows on the books for will be able to relax and celebrate this holiday season!


ALL THE SKINNY on the Day 4 Challenge...

If you've sat on the sidelines during the 12 Days of Fabulous...Today is the Day to jump in!

THIS CHALLENGE IS A MUST TAKE if you want to tee up your business in 2013.

It's a 12 (or more) in 24 Booking Blitz!

Get on the horns, shout it from the roof tops, send out some texts, email your customers....and book up your January STRONG!

Here's how the challenge works:

-One entry if you contact 12 (regardless if you book)

-One entry for EVERY January trunk show you have on the books
(yes if you already had them they still count)

Find the "Pinned Post" for the Day 4 Challenge and let us know how you're doing!

Kristen & I each have 3 shows booked in January. Yep...on the books! What was the secret to getting them booked? Just HAD TO ASK! And we'll keep asking! :)

Book it Baby! We believe in YOU!! xoxo, Sarah & Kristen