Mialisia Jewelry

It's YOUR time to SHINE !

Introducing Mialisia Jewelry and myself !

Mialisia Jewelry is a brand new company that launched July 2013 ! We offer a patent-pending jewelry concept like no other and an amazing career opportunity ! Mialisia Jewelry has a versatile and interchangeable jewelry concept that allows you to create your own look and style !

With Mialisia Jewelry you can create 25+ looks with only 2-3 pieces of jewelry !

In just a few short weeks, Mialisia has completely shattered growth records and taken off ! This is truly an amazing and supportive company with a fantastic product and an outstanding opportunity ! I am truly blessed to be a part of it all !

My name is Lindsey Mothershead and I am a Founding 500 Designer with Mialisia Jewelry. I am 29 years old and have been in the direct sales industry for almost 10 years. I am happily married and a proud mother to SIX amazing children ! I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer on the side. I am motivated and determined. I believe that a direct sales team must support the team. There is no "I" in TEAM ! My success is YOUR success and vice versa. My goal is to achieve my dreams with hard work and consistant efforts while assisting my team in achieving and creating their own dreams !

Lindsey Mothershead

(Independent Founding 500 Designer)


BUY jewelry !

Create 25+ different looks with only 2-3 pieces of jewelry !

How awesome is that ?!

With Mialisia Jewelry you can go from the soccer field, to the office, to a night on the town ... with the appropriate look for each occasion and all with only a few pieces of Mialisia Jewelry !

No other company can offer you this amazing versatile jewelry concept !

To see the jewelry line and purchase your Mialisia Jewelry today, please visit my Mialisia site at the following link: http://lindseymothershead.mialisia.com/

Change the way YOU wear jewelry !

HOST a party !

With Mialisia YOU are the Fashionista !

We offer several different party hosting opportunities that allow you to earn FREE jewelry !! Everyone LOVES free jewelry !

Home Party - You can get your friends together and host a party in your home.

Online Party - We can set up an online party for orders from friends and family

Catalog Party - Pass out those catalogs and have a party on the go

Whichever party you choose, there are excellent benefits to being a Mialisia Fashionista !

I have included the Fashionista rewards below.

Send me a email and we can get the party started !

Lindsey Mothershead

(Independent Founding 500 Designer)


JOIN and become a Designer today !

We are changing the way women wear jewelry, one Mialisia Designer at a time ...

YOU could be a part of this amazing opportunity !

• Join at the ground level to be at the top levels of our company

• Patent pending product that no company offers -- No competition

• $50-$75 bonus for each person you sponsor into the business

• Pays infinity deep at highest level (see comp plan for details)

• FREE shipping to your customer and hosts

• Personalized websites with blogging and e-vite capabilities

• Limited Lifetime Product Warranty

• Demonstrable product that makes your parties FUN and INTERACTIVE

Become a Mialisia Jewelry Designer and begin building your power team today! The earlier you join, the more time you have to build your team from the ground level. Grow your business as we grow with Mialisia !

Easily Transform Your Passion for Fashion into Income

Launch your own business as a Milaisia Designer. Create your own style, on your own schedule. The Mialisia Jewelry Compensation Plan is one of the best in the industry including DYNAMIC COMPRESSION which is rarity in the home party business!

The Dynamic compression feature searches down into your organization levels to find the "leaders" within your lineage needed for structure/rank. For example, should your personal recruit (level 1) did not achieve a certain title/rank in a particular month needed for YOUR structure qualifications, the dynamic compression feature will search into your downline (your level 2 or further down if necessary) to find someone who did qualify and then compress them upward to your level 1 for "paid as" rank purposes. Ultimately, this will accomplish two things. First, it will help you promote upward in rank/title and could increase your income when others deeper in your downline happen to move up in rank more quickly than their sponsor. Second, dynamic compression will help minimize any loss of income in your pay should something unexpected happen to your personal recruit in a given month by compressing a deeper level leader upward in her place to qualify.

JOIN and become a Mialisia Jewelry Designer today !

For more information or to get started as a Mialisia Jewelry Designer today,


Lindsey Mothershead

(Independent Founding 500 Designer)