4th Grade Science News

Mrs. Flowers

Goings On In 4th Grade Science

Welcome Back!! The students are fully in the swing of school and have been very busy over the last week. We have begun Chapter 5 in our book and we have started our learning with Minerals and Rocks.
As a group we read the first section of our chapter which covers Minerals. Students are learning about luster, streak, hardness and cleavage of a mineral. Students are also learning about the three different types of rocks and how they are formed.

The class has also been busy working on a lap book for Minerals and Rocks. The lap book will serve as a great resource for the material.

This week in Science

Students will finish up their Minerals and Rocks lap books.
As a class, we will complete a couple of different experiments. We will use one experiment to see what can be learned from rock layers and another experiment will show how rocks wear away.


Last week students were assigned a webquest over minerals. Some of the websites given are no longer good. I apologize for this mistake. I told students that they should just google the question that is being asked. I also told students they could have an extra day or two, if needed.
I did not assign homework this week.