Wanted : Jeff Spender

Dead or Alive for $100,000

Description: Passionatly protecting Mars and hoping to do good for the Martians , Spender kills off the crew to preserve the planet.

Charcter Traits- Jeff Spender is strong-willed, stubborn,and caring.He is dissapointed in human race, feeling they are uncaring about the past and ignoring the future of Mars.

Theme: Don't try to fix your mistakes by interferring with others lives causing problems for them.

Intresting plot points: Having lost faith in the human race and wanting to protect the planet, Spender killed off most of the crew on the fourth expidetion.

He wanted to keep them from ruining Mars like they did Earth.

Jeff spender talked with Wilder about how it was going to be impossible to keep mars from being taken over by goverment and cooperate intersts

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