Trimester 1

  • MoM- mom can be overwhelming and have to understanding the changes. you may experience and how to take care of yourself during this stage .exciting time, swollen breast fatigue and increase in urination.
  • BABY - the babys will start to grow but they are as small as a seed.

trimester 2

  • MoM- You mite feel better then you did at first now this is the time you can enjoy your pregnancy because its just now starting to grow.
  • BABY- The baby starts to feel real. the baby starts to shape and form into a human figure.

Trimester 3

  • Mom - it can be emanational and challenge you might have swollen anus and back aches because extra blood starts to shoot at these veins. The mother start to have contraptions and also have tiny red veins.
  • BABY- the baby starts to have full body shape starts to be able to move toes and hands.


  • for expecting fathers advice you need to know. fathers should try to do stuff around the house try not to work your girls or baby mamas patience. also try to do around the house as much as you can.