Blackman Elementary's House System

(Everything you need to know about it...)

Why the New System?

  • The purpose of the RTI2-B Team is to strive to maintain a safe, respectful, and positive environment conducive to learning.
  • We are striving to create a positive culture where high academic and behavioral expectations are achieved.
  • The new House System will bring our students together across grade levels.
  • Our goal with this system is to foster camaraderie, collaboration, and leadership among our students.
  • We want each student to gain a sense of belonging at Blackman Elementary.
  • Each house has a name and color that symbolizes positive characteristics and qualities we want to instill in our students.

What are the Houses and Who are the Captains?

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How will Houses be organized?

We will have 6 houses that are comprised of about 200 students per house, consisting of kids from all grade-levels (K-5). House captains will organize and oversee House meetings, with the help of 11-12 staff members. Fifth grade students will work on leadership skills as they lead different activities within their house meetings and assemblies.

How can Houses earn points?

Students and parents can earn points for Houses through hardwork, positive behaviors, attendance and participation at the following events/activities:

-No discipline marks per week (+1pt)

-Perfect attendance/no tardies per week (+1pt)

-Caught Being Good Ticket (+1pt)

-Sharing Achievements from Outside of School (+1pt)

-Community Service (+1pt)

-Iready Usage Goal (+1pt)

-Milestones (K), 2s & 3s mostly 3s (1st & 2nd), Honor Roll (3rd-5th) (+10pts)

-3s & 4s (1st & 2nd), Principal's List (3rd-5th) (+15pts)

-House competitions during assemblies

-Back to School Bash

-Parent Night

-Parent Academies

-Spirit Nights

-School Fundraisers

-Multicultural Festival

How will points be tracked?

Points will be tracked through ClassDojo.

Points will be visible to students as they will be displayed on the front TV and in the school hallways. They will be updated weekly.

Points will be updated on this newsletter monthly.

What incentives can Houses earn?

-Extra points when winning during monthly celebrations.

-Placed at the top of the "Leaderboard" bulletin board.

-End of the year trophy with House name and year engraved.

When will I find out my House?

Students who attend the Back to School Bash will find out their House that day. Those who cannot attend the Back to School Bash will find out on the first day of school. New students will spin the wheel to find out their house when enrolled.

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