Silicon Dioxide

Network Covalent

Multiple choice questions

What happens to the electrons in a covalent bond?

a. The electrons transfer

b. The electrons are shared

c. The electrons delocalize

d. The number of electrons double

Rank from highest to lowest boiling point: Polar Covalent, Nonpolar Covalent, Hydrogen, Network Covalent

a.Polar Covalent, Network Covalent, Nonpolar Covalent, Hydrogen

b.Nonpolar Covalent, Polar Covalent, Hydrogen, Network Covalent

c.Hydrogen, Nonpolar Covalent, Network Covalent, Polar Covalent

d.Network Covalent, Hydrogen, Polar Covalent, Nonpolar Covalent

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Silicon Dioxide Structure

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