Where do I go?

By: Neta Jackson

New Beginnings

Gabrielle Fairbanks realizes she isn't the carefree, fearless, spirited girl she used to be before she got marries, 16 years ago. She wishes to find a meaning in her life. Sudden rain pushes Gabbie into a pedestrian tunnel and she steps on chiggers. She stubbles across some bushes. "Hey" a raspy voice shot out. "Whatcha kickin my cart for?" and out pops an old woman. She assists Gabbie with her chigger injures and stops the bleeding. gabby could not leave this poor helpful woman in the cold rain, so finally she persuades the homeless woman to come to her penthouse, just until the rain stops. Arriving at the penthouse awaits her husband, Philip, who is in the middle of a business meeting, not expecting his wife to bring in an uninvited homeless guest. Gabbie learns so much from her new friend Lucy. She becomes more thankful, spiritual, and adventurous. Gabbie drops off Lucy at a near by homeless shelter, while she automatically becomes drawn to the other homes less people in her community, she wants to help. Will Gabbie find that spark in her life she's been searching to get back?


I would rate this book a 9 out of 10. It really shows passion and i enjoy the way the author has written and plotted it out. I recommend this book to anyone looking for adventure and something new.