MLK Jr @ the Civil Rights Movement

By: Jordan A. Scott


MLK Jr, one of the most important people in history. If you guys are wondering MLK Jr. was the guy who gave the famous “I have a dream” speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. In this article you will learn about his passion for equal rights, what he did to stop segregation, and how he accomplished his goal.

His passion for equal rights

When MLK was a kid he had two white friends. The three were best friends. They played together for weeks and weeks. Then one day the boy's parents said that they couldn’t play with MLK Jr. because he is black. Since MLK Jr. was a kid at this time this was very hard on him. That is basically how MLK Jr. got his passion for equal rights.

What he did to stop segregation

MLK Jr. was known for leading protest and giving speeches. He actually led so many protest that someone got arrested. White people even started to join in on the protest. That shows you that his passion for equal rights was so strong that he won the hearts of the people he was fitting ageist.

How he accomplished his goals

He accomplished his goals by giving a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that moved the nation. It wasn’t just the speech it was all the protest, speeches and everything that he did to stop segregation.


In conclusion you can see that MLK Jr. was one of the most important people in history. You have to think this all started when Martin Luther King Jr.’s friends couldn’t play with him anymore.