Hamilton Boys' High School - Term 3, Edition 1, August 2021

Hamilton Boys' High School Year 10 Leaders from Argyle House

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Deputy Headmaster, Mr Nigel Hotham, announced the 30 Year 10 Leaders that were appointed after a rigorous application and appointment process at the Year 10 formal assembly on Monday 2nd August.

Ten of the 30 Year 10 Leaders announced are from Argyle House. Each student was called up on stage in the school hall to be presented with their badge by the Headmaster, Mrs Hassall, in front of the Year 10 cohort.

It is an honour to be appointed to this role and reflects positively on Argyle House with 33% of those leaders appointed coming from Argyle House despite making up only 8% of the Year 10 cohort.

They will certainly add value to the role when carrying out the various tasks during terms 3 and 4. Congratulations boys.

These Junior Leaders will each be paired up with a Prefect mentor and their Committee, who they will follow and work alongside with in order to improve some of their Leadership skills. We wish these young men all the best in their new Leadership roles.

L-R, Back Row: Marco Miln, Nikau Dromgool, Jay Wilson, Stefan Newman, Lachlan Douglas, Joshua Reihana.

L-R, Front Row: Ricci Putohe, Preston Brydon, Henry Seavill

Absent: Jesse Humberstone-Kara

Lachlan Douglas was also appointed to a new Hamilton Boys' High School junior leadership role, as the 'Junior Captain of Rowing' for the 2021-22 season. Lachlan was presented with his badge and letter by the Headmaster, Mrs Hassall, at the same assembly, along with the other five Captains of Code in Cricket, Basketball, Football, Hockey and Rugby.

Ministry of Education Teacher Only Day, Set Leave, Intentions Form and the House Competition

Kia ora koutou

I am writing to remind you of the Ministry of Education Teacher Only Day scheduled for this Thursday 12th August. There is no school for students on this day, so your son may take overnight leave from 3.15pm Wednesday 11th August and return by 7.30pm on Thursday 12th August or by 8.00am Friday 13th August.

However, should it be an inconvenience for parents/caregivers to complete two trips within three days to return their son, and being so close to a set leave weekend, then I am happy to approve leave for your son that also includes Friday 13th August.

On Thursday 12th August, Argyle and Grove boarders may take day leave to a friend's or family friend's place for the day, but must have a written request, permission and approval on Boardingware. Those boys must have departed from Argyle House by 9.00am on Thursday morning and may not return until 3.15pm, as all Masters will be involved at school on this day.

Those boarders that choose to remain in the hostel on Thursday will be supervised in the day school from 8.30am - 3.15pm doing a combination of school work, games in the gym and service activities around the school.

We will not be allowing the boys to take general leave from the hostel on Thursday to spend the day in town, movies etc. They either go to an approved home for the day or they attend school.

Please ensure all day or overnight leave requests for this Thursday are submitted by 5.00pm Tuesday 10th August, so the hostel staff, catering team and school staff have accurate numbers for meals and supervision during this period.

Can you please have a conversation with your son to ensure he is organised for this Thursday. Thank you for your support.


The first Set Leave for Term 3 takes place this weekend. Argyle and Grove will close at 5.30pm on Friday 13th and will re-open on Sunday 15th August at 5.30pm.

Thanks to the parents/caregivers that have returned their intentions form to Katrina already. Can you please print off the attachment below then scan and return to Mrs Katrina McLaughlin by Friday 3rd September. Thank you.


If you have any concerns about your son's academic performance, or require further advice about your son's subject choices for 2022, then please contact Mr Fraser Kilgour, Dean of Boarding, by email, who will provide you with the necessary advice and guidance. Fraser's email address is


The Senior Leaders, Prefects and Junior House Leaders are doing a tremendous job leading the boys and running the Matthew Allen Cup events that precede the school House competitions. The Matthew Allen Cup competition between Bennett and Sutherland continues to be very close, despite Keran van Staden's, Sutherland House, winning the last two events. Sutherland now lead 15 - 11, over George Reeves', Bennett House.

Argyle House placed fourth-equal overall in the House Chess competition that concluded last week, with our junior chess team placing third overall, winning seven games over the week. This result has put us second in the House competition after 11 events, only half a point behind Tait House. House Indoor Rowing is scheduled for Wednesday lunchtime, so we are hoping our boys come through and win that one. Indoor Football, Service and Singing (double points) are the remaining events in the 2021 House competition. Argyle House has drawn 'Flower of Scotland' to sing on Monday 13th September.

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have a concern or want to discuss any matters relating to boarding life.

Ngaa mihi

Murray McKenzie

Head of Boarding

021 516 477

Intentions Form 2022

Please download, print, scan and return this form to Mrs Katrina McLaughlin by Friday 3rd September. This will allow hostel management to determine how many places need to be filled for 2022. Thank you.

Argyle House Old Boy, Regan Ware – Olympian 1360

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REGAN WARE: Attended Argyle House and Hamilton Boys’ High School from 2008 - 2012.

Hamilton Boys' High School congratulates Old Boys Regan Ware and Joe Webber on winning an Olympic silver medal in Sevens Rugby at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday evening, 28th July. We are incredibly proud of their achievements, and of all of our Old Boys who are competing at the highest level in their events.

Regan burst onto the Seven’s scene in 2015 and impressed so much in his first season, he was nominated for World Rugby’s Rookie of the year award.

The former New Zealand Schools Representative dotted down 15 times in his debut season including the sensational last grasp try to send New Zealand into the Hong Kong Seven’s final
Regan hails from Tokoroa and displays the speed and strength that is essential in the fast-paced world of sevens.

A member of the 2018 Commonwealth Games and World Cup-winning Men’s Sevens Teams, Regan scored a crucial try in the gold medal final against Fiji to claim Commonwealth gold.

Matthew Allen Cup Chess, Tuesday 27th July - Won by Sutherland House 3 - 2

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Year 9 game: won by Ezekiel Ruaporo, SUTHERLAND

Year 10 game: won by Henry Seavill, BENNETT

Year 11 game: won by Dylan Brown, BENNETT

Year 12 game: won by Joseph Lorimer, SUTHERLAND

Year 13 game: won by Keran Van Staden, SUTHERLAND

Thanks to Matua Mita Graham (Senior Master) for overseeing this event, and also to our Year 13 Senior Leaders and Perfects, for organising their teams and running them on the night.

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Year 9 winner, Ezekiel Ruaporo.
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Year 10 winner, Henry Seavill
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Year 11 winner, Dylan Brown
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Year 12 winner, Joseph Lorimer (wearing red & black)
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Year 13 winner, Keran Van Staden

Matthew Allen Cup Indoor Rowing (Ergs), Tuesday 3rd August - Won by Sutherland House

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Head of Sutherland House, Keran Van Staden, holds up the Lake Shield as the victorious House on the night, winning both the junior and senior rows.
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House Chess: Argyle House 4th-Equal Overall

Our junior 3-man team won 7 games finishing in third place overall. Unfortunately, our seniors didn't win any of their games, finishing in 6th place overall. However, when the junior and senior final placings were combined, Argyle House finished in 4th-equal place overall, giving Argyle House 2.5pts towards the overall House total.

Our junior chess team that won 7 games was: Henry Seavill (Year 10), Ezekiel Ruaporo (Year 9) and Aaron Dingle (Year 9). Well done boys, getting us up to fourth-equal place in the junior competition.

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Henry Seavill (Year 10) in action.
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Aaron Dingle (Year 9) about to move his piece.
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Dylan Brown (Year 11) ponders his next move.
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Joseph Lorimer (Year 12) multi-tasking!

Argyle House: 2nd Place Overall in the House Competition

After 11 events, Argyle House sits in 2nd place overall, only half a point behind Tait House. Only 7.5 points separates all 6 houses, with 4 events still to complete.

See the attached points sheet with a breakdown of results.

1st, TAIT, 49 pts

2nd, ARGYLE 48.5 points

3rd, WILSON 48 points

4th = TAYLOR, 43 pts

4th = BAIGENT, 43 pts

6th, STEEL 41.5 pts

The final events of 2021 are:

Indoor Rowing

Indoor Football


Singing (Major event, worth double points)

2021 Argyle Manual, 2021 Grove Manual & 2021 Term Planner with Key Dates

The 2021 Grove Manual and 2021 Argyle House Manual, along with the 2021 Term Planner with all key hostel dates, have now been placed online, at the bottom of the 'Boarding' page on the school's website: No hardcopies will be posted out.

I have attached these 3 documents below. Click to view and/or download and print.

'Man of the Week' Award

The boys named and photographed below were awarded 'Man Of The Week' for doing something extraordinary during the week, that warranted recognition in front of their peers. They each receive a certificate and a $5 canteen voucher, presented at our weekly house meeting by a Deputy Head Prefect.

Week 2 Term 3: Lachie Pickett (Year 11)

For setting an academic goal and achieving it. Lachie moved from MXU to mainstream maths.
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Week 1 Term 3: Oliver Ingram (Year 12)

Placing 3rd in NZ as a member of the Waikato U18 Waterpolo team competing at their NZ Club Championships.
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School Links Emails to Parents/Caregivers from School:

SchoolTV - Vaping

Tena koutou katoa

Here at Hamilton Boys’ High School we are working hard to keep our students safe and informed.

SchoolTV addresses this as a new online resource designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies.


E-cigarettes and vaping are quickly gaining in popularity, especially amongst teenagers. Manufacturers of these products are deploying sophisticated marketing campaigns in an attempt to glamorise and promote smoking to young people.

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the vapour produce by the heated nicotine liquid of an e-cigarette or vape pen. Many teens believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking as it is often formulated with flavourings to appeal to younger users. Be aware that e-cigarettes stating 0 mg of nicotine, may still contain nicotine. It is a highly addictive substance that can slow the brain development in kids affecting their memory, concentration, learning and mood. Because vaping is new, the short and long-term health effects remain unknown.

However, studies have shown that kids who have tried vaping, are more likely to smoke tobacco products later in life than kids who have not tried vaping. As e-cigarettes leave little odour, they are particularly easy to conceal and use discreetly in public places, even in schools.

In this Special Report, parents and caregivers will be provided with the facts relating to e-cigarettes and vaping, whilst also highlighting the potential dangers and surrounding legislation.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report:

This email was sent: 8:09am Thursday July 1, 2021

Our two Argyle House Parent Representatives for you to contact about any hostel matters

Mrs Diana O'Brien (Bombay)

Feel free to contact me by email

Mob. 027 277 1685

Mr Alastair Reeves (Te Akau)

Feel free to contact me by email

Ph. 07 825 4925

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