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September 2020 • Preparing Today for Tomorrow's Workforce

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What a fantastic start to the school year!

It truly is a whole new ball game! Even with the challenges our schools, educators, staff, students and families have faced during the pandemic, we’re finding ways to build connections and establish rich learning experiences. Whether teaching face-to-face, online, or both, CTAE teachers at all levels have been able to inspire excellence through relevant curriculum and engaging content within collaborative, innovative learning environments.

This issue of “The CTAE Connector” is packed with so many examples of how students are exceeding expectations. Across the county, they are mastering content and preparing for meaningful careers in our diverse and changing world. #TeamCTE/AEProud

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Stay safe, keep it simple and be well,

Lori Romano, Ph.D.

Director, Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education

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Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation Groundbreaking

KRAI is officially underway! The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Wednesday, September 9th, and the school is slated to open in August 2022.

Here's more information from the Pasco County Schools' Facebook page:

The new KIRKLAND RANCH ACADEMY OF INNOVATION will deliver an advanced Career and Technology Education (CTE) while maintaining security, fostering career awareness, cross‐disciplinary work, and a vibrant culture.

All students will leave the school with a certificate allowing them access to high‐wage, high‐skill employment or to continue their education with more advanced standing in the career of their choice.

1) The new 184,000 square foot facility is planned to simulate real world experiences for 1,000 students. It will include a variety CTE programs all structured to include an integrated business curriculum. The facility equipped with state‐of‐the‐art technology and equipment includes spaces designed for:

• Digital Multi Media

• Engineering/Robotics

• BiomedicalSciences

• Patient Care Technology

• Auto Servicing

• Diesel Servicing

• Welding

• Building Construction

• Electricity

• CyberSecurity

2) An additional 32 core subject classrooms designed around centralized collaborative spaces designed to promote opportunities for student presentations and experiments

3) Six science labs

4) Pearson Vue Testing Center

5) A District OTIS Office Center integrated into the facility to provide opportunities to develop mentorships and a strong community connection with the students enrolled in the Cyber Security program.

6) 14,000 square foot, two story Collaboration Center designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship with community business partners that includes a conference center, individual and small group study areas, a careers lab, a multi‐purpose auditorium, and a community maker space.

Designed with a central exterior courtyard, the space serves as the heart of the school, becoming a place to meet, share, study, build, and much more. The defensible perimeter of the building allows increased transparency on the interior. This transparency, in turn, allows for an enhanced connection between the students and the individual career courses – fostering understanding, partnership, and most of all, choice to access different career pathways.

CTAE myLearning Courses

As we launched mySchool Online learning for this school year, many CTAE teachers stepped up to write content for the courses that had the greatest student enrollments across the most schools. These “priority courses” were rolled out in two phases for the first quarter. Many of them will also be written for second quarter. This project could not have been successfully completed without the dedication of the following course writers:

  • Neal Boyle (GHS)
  • Abigail Darling (RRMS)
  • Karen Elenbaum (CTE)
  • Lisa Witfoth (HMS)
  • Anna-Maria Livdal (JLMS)
  • Ghelder Arriaga (SSMS)
  • Jessica Cooper (LOLHS)
  • Jeremy Blythe (LOLHS)
  • Ralph Seurattan (CSRMS)
  • Kari Dittman (GHS)
  • Jamie Lynn (Pasco eSchool)
  • Aschell Glaves (JWMHS)
  • Thomas McHugh (CENMS)
  • Tara Campbell (JWMHS)
  • Rory Conrad (CCHS)
  • Stacey Stegura (SLHS)
  • Jessica Herzek (CCHS)
  • Mark Moe (CCMS)
  • Susan Martin (Pasco eSchool)
  • Mark Aragon (SLHS)

Special thanks also to Emily Lamb, CTAE Learning Design Specialist, for her work with many courses, as well as her support of our new CTAE teachers. New CTAE Program Coordinator Pam Willoughby worked her magic to make sure the content imported and copied into the appropriate courses. This has truly been a team effort and we appreciate the growth mindset, patience, and support of everyone on Team CTAE!

P-Dub's myLearning Canvas Tech Tip of the Month!


Hi, amazing CTAE educators!

Unlike last spring's distance learning, when each class period had its own myLearning course, this year's classes are group by course code, so you'll see all students who are enrolled in the same course in one myLearning course shell. I created directions (see below to download) to show you how to use the Filter option to see your students by class sections. This really streamlines progress-monitoring processes like viewing submissions and grading work, because you don't have to look at multiple shells.

If you have classes working at different paces, I'd recommend creating separate myLearning pages for each class, then linking them to a shortcut button on the home page. You can provide communication specific to each class on the class' page, and direct students to view that info by clicking the button on the Home page.

BTW - The attached directions are a prime example of why I should not be left to my own devices. 😉. #bitmojifun

Be inspiring!

Pam Willoughby 🙂

Tampa Bay Times Offering FREE Webinars

Please download "the Webinars 2020" PDF below for more info and how to register!

Diving into the Digital Edition

Oct. 7, 2020, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Join the Tampa Bay Times Newspaper in Education team as we celebrate National Newspaper Week and explore the electronic edition of the Times. We will review how to use the e-Newspaper and explore the curriculum available to teachers for use in classrooms.

Journeys to Journalism: An Exploration of Photography

Oct. 20 and Oct. 27, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

These two webinars will introduce the material in the Journeys in Journalism: An Exploration of Photography Newspaper in Education publication and how it can be used in elementary, middle and high school classrooms in language arts, science, social studies and visual & performing arts subjects.

Island H2O Water Park - Educator Appreciation Month

Island H2O Live!

Any operating day in October!
Special deal for K-12 Educators
Single Day Tickets $24.99 for up to 4 tickets

*Must show proof of employment. Offer only available at main gate. Offers cannot be combined.

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FHS Welcomes New Teachers • by Jason Joens, Principal

Joining the Falcon CTE Team:

• Culinary - Russell Nienhouse

• Criminal Justice - Denis Riel

• Fire Science - Kevin Naylor

• DIT - Jeff Dudley

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MTC Commercial Art • by Linda Bourne

Commercial Art Students Project: Create a unique Vans shoe design collaboration, reproduce in a mock-up then create a digital Ad for Rolling Stone Magazine. CTE Program Coordinator Pam Willoughby Zoomed into the classroom and played the “Vans Marketing Executive” for our critique and picked 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each category of students: dual-enrolled juniors, seniors and adults.

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Television Production

WCHS by Stephanie Bertig

WCHS’s TV Production Students are up and running with our daily news show. The show is scripted, edited, and produced exclusively by students who have earned their Adobe Premiere Pro certification.

JWMHS by Leith Taylor

Shout out to the mighty Mustang News crew at J.W. Mitchell High School! Check out their daily newscast on the mymustangnews YouTube channel!

Future episodes will include student-produced Public Service Announcements!

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PRSMS Business 1 & 2 • by William McCallum

Our students are enthusiastically and intensely engaged in learning already!

RRHS Business Academy • by Chad Mallo

River Ridge High School Business Academy invited Publix, Capital Taco, and McDonald’s to do a Zoom mock interview. We recently completed our resume and application curriculum and then we used those documents and turned them into a real-world mock Interview.

McDonald’s hired students based on this mock interview even though that wasn’t the original scope of this event. We are super proud of our students!

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RRHS Early Childhood Ed/ New Teacher Academy • by Beth Hess

The ECE and NTA programs at RRHS joined forces with College Football Playoff Foundation to sponsor “Nacho Normal College Football” Educator Celebration. RRHS was one of 150 schools across the nation invited to celebrate “educators in action.”

The NTA TOTS (ECE Program) joined the New Teacher Academy to serve and deliver faculty and staff specially made nachos. This was a gesture of support for all the hard work being done this year.

Each faculty and staff member also received a shirt, lanyard, umbrella, bag, hat, tobaggan, or Nike jacket. The educators were thrilled to be served Nachos and to receive gifts.

The students in ECE coupled the initiative with their unit on Health, Safety and Nutrition (HSAN) and the NTA focused on celebrating educator excellence. It was such an inspiring day!


The RRHS NTA-TOTS (ECE Program) students kicked off the unit on Health, Safety, and Nutrition (HSAN), by participating in a school wide scavenger hunt. Students were grouped in pairs and tasked with capturing all the great ways that RRHS focuses on student health, safety, and nutrition. In that there is a Cyesis program on campus, they were able to capture pictures from the campus, the sports facilities, the cafeteria, and the child care facility.

Students presented Powerpoints showcasing their projects, and MSOL students showcased their Health, Safety and Nutrition efforts at home.

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GHS Early Childhood Education • by Kari Dittman

ECE students were given an assignment to make a “One Pager” (AVID Strategy) about The NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.

Many students chose to make their “one pager” digitally. Below are three digital student samples from Angelica Bastida, Marcos Antonio, and Jayde Claybrook.

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RRHS Engineering • Submitted by Janene Sullivan

The Engineering Academy is engaged in authentic learning as it applies to our daily interaction with technology.

The computer science students have begun their unit in Investigating the inevitable presence of bias in well known computational tools; such as Google Translate, targeted advertising, and curated news feeds. They will then delve into developing and presenting (FBI-level) secure-password-generating written algorithms that they create.

In addition, students enrolled in Intro to Engineering Design are analyzing launch distance of mechanisms they designed and created.

The students are also engaged in problem solving and implementation of procedures/processes to address the impact of Covid-19 in the school.

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PHS CNA • by Karen Dempsey

Our students have been very busy learning how to take patient assessments, including taking patients vital signs. They are a great bunch of students and they have been working hard since day one!

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GHS Animation & Gaming • by Neil Boyle

Our Animation and Gaming students working with Adobe Animate for the first time!

HMS Comp. Sci. Discoveries • by Lisa Witfoth

We are well on our way to discovering new knowledge and expanding our skills in Computer Science Discoveries as our school relocates to Crews Lake for the year during renovations. We are thriving here where we have been replanted. The eighth grade class is problem-solving through numerous prototypes, as they accepted the challenge to see whose aluminum boat design will support the most pennies in weight. We are team building in our first weeks together!

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JWMHS EMR: First Responder • by Elizabeth Bruegger

Our first responders trying on their EMR safety vests with their masks on and their crowns for senior day (as they were unable to have their celebration for the moving up to senior day from last year).

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WTKHS Cybersecurity • by Scott Tumelty

Our students are currently learning password cracking techniques and tools. At the end of this lesson they could, theoretically break passwords. As a result we are also learning the ethics, legal, and white-hat hacker responsibilities. We are also preparing for this years U.S. AirForce Cyberpatriots team hacking competition. We have a lot of new and young team members this year.

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AHS AmSkills • by Laura Allison

We are excited to host an AmSkills class on our campus. Students have the opportunity for hands-on learning with various fields in the manufacturing community.

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WCHS Automotive Technology • by Jeff Corliss and Brad O’Dell

Students are working on several projects including:

• Turning a six-cylinder 2000 Mustang into a V8 and converting its carborator system to fuel injection.

• Repairing the engine and timing chains of a 2004 Ford F-150.

• Utilizing a powder coating tent where student Dylan Thoey coats and bakes car parts to restore and improve the finish.

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Pasco eSchool CTE/Driver Ed • by Megan Lucas

Our CTE/DE eSchool Team has increased by 50%! Our new team members are crushing their training, helping students, and becoming part of our Ninja Nation! They are being supported by our seven returning team members who have decades of combined online teaching experience. CTE/DE Team will “Level Up” in SY2021!

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JIEC ESOL • by Rebecca Sandy

For the first two weeks of my class, the students were busy with projects/presentations focused around the theme of “Who We Are.”

Past, Present, Future assignment Students had to cut out or draw pictures related to the past, present and future; then they had to present to the class. (see pictures)

Stick Figure profile - Using the stick figure, students had to identify the different body parts related to themselves. For example- eyes represent what they see in the future for themselves; feet represent places they have traveled; hands represent skills/talents they can do with their hands (play an instrument, make crafts, cook, etc.). They had to present to the class also. (see pictures)

Venn Diagram - Students worked with a partner to discover similarities and differences between each other. Again, they had to present to the class.

Reading - Students chose a children’s book to read and explore. After one week, they had to read the book to the class like a teacher would. I call this an oral interpretation. One student improvised a little by recording herself reading a Dr. Seuss book. ( I thought it was cool!

Every week the students are learning a new song. The first week, they learned “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” For an extra assignment, they had to create their own version. Then we played the karaoke version. (see document with their new lyrics). Currently, we are practicing a special ABC song. We are performing 3 songs for our Thanksgiving presentation to the faculty/staff here at the school.

Over the last few semesters, my students have created different domino sets with simple present tense, past tense, and present continuous. One of the students created a really exceptional game complete with pictures to enhance her project. (see pictures)

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MTC Adult Education • by Mike Butler

We had a great year and end of year with grads from my GED math class.

The pic “Wall of Success!!!” was the latest group of 29 students.

The pic “When will your picture be here” was the group from semester one.

I don’t have the chance to get every student’s picture because of the online component of our classes; however, my room is filled with over 200 pictures of past graduates which motivate my new students to earn their GED.

MTC is a great school, Adult Ed is an awesome program, I am truly blessed to be a part of the students’ journey!

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MTC ABE/GED Mathematics • by Thomas Moschner

Two Summer 2020 students pass all four GED tests. One student, Elijah Guevara, also earned a PHSC scholarship at the Adult Graduation on August 27th.

The Summer session was completed with all distance learning. It was challenging, but Elijah and Kyle Botelho worked extremely hard and earned their GED credentials.

Currently, there are several students who are ready to take their math GED test this week. We hope to report next time that they passed not only the math but all four subjects.

MTC math students currently have logged 94.5+ hours on IXL and have answered over 9000 IXL questions and have become proficient in 168 skills since the start of the school year.

During the first 3 weeks of school, math GED students have attended class 83% of the scheduled days.

We are proud of them attending class, working and taking care of their households at the same time.

MTC Adult Ed ABE/GED • by PJ Accaria

I have a student that started Oct 2019 after he tried to sign up for PHSC. He thought he had a regular diploma. PHSC informed him that he had to get his GED. He then signed up with Marchman. His attendance was great, motivation was excellent, and he persevered even through the pandemic while working full time. He took his last test on August 24th and received his GED. Oh yea, by the way his native language is GUJARATI [GU] from India.

We have a great team and some of the best students I’ve had the pleasure to work with and I’m proud to say our graduations for GED have gone from 10 students to 50 graduating during a normal (Non-Covid 19) semester.

I have also uploaded a certificate from IXL (a computer progam) that is a great reinforcement for our students. The students have done a great job utilizing it, and I’m grateful we have it to offer to our students.

We want to hear from you!


• What ideas have you come up with to adapt your CTE courses to an online format?

• What's been your favorite new tool, app or resource this school year?

• Please share information about your program that you would like considered for the CTE monthly newsletter (photos, awards, events, certifications, etc.).

• Don't forget that you can email Pam Willoughby ( with news and photos you want posted on our social media platforms at any time throughout the month.

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