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Your First and Second Semester Courses - Updated

Second Semester courses are open. Students will NOT be able to see second semester courses until the first day of the grading period. Due to the nature of our Schoology and IC integration, you will be unable to continue using your first semester courses during second semester. Luckily, copying materials from one course to another is simple in Schoology. While you have the option available to copy directly from one course to another, Schoology recommends copying materials to Resources first and then directly into your next semester course. If you copy assignments and assessments, proof the due dates, or remove until you need them.

First Semester courses will be archived after January 9, 2020. Just because they are archived, doesn’t mean that you won’t have access to them. You will still be able to find and view them plus access their materials in your “Archived Courses.”

Fourth Quarter Courses haven't been loaded in the system, yet. Those teachers with quarter courses will see them later during third quarter.

Will students be able to see their past courses? No, students won’t be able to view their past courses. It’s a bit of an all-or-nothing thing. If we make it a practice to have past courses visible, then all past courses will be visible. That means that students will be able to share their past work with future students in your courses. We’ll need to make it a practice of copying necessary notes and materials into the next semester course. It’s just a click and share from the gear to the right of the materials.

Best practices for ending the semester right doc

Troubleshooting Gradepassback doc

System Update - FYI

We are performing a system update to increase app functionality on Wednesday. We needed to wait for first semester grades to be complete before updating the environment. While you won’t see anything, it’s important not to add any assignments to second semester courses using integrated apps until Wednesday evening (Turnitin, Edpuzzle, etc.).

If anything changes regarding this update, we will let you know.

Recent Questions

Question: Do I need to do anything with my first semester Course Presence (If you’re using this, you know what it is)?

Answer: Your first semester Course Presence will unfortunately not automatically transfer over to your second semester course. Hopefully, you have your Course Presence saved in your Resources. If it is, choose the files and folders you want as part of your Presence and copy them to your second semester course. If your Course Presence has not been saved to your Resources, do that first and then copy it to your second semester course.

Copy and save materials to Resources

Copy materials from Resources or an Archived Course to a new course

Question: Why do we have separate courses for first and second semester?

Answer: Our courses in Schoology are created through an integration with Infinite Campus (not including our professional learning courses and other custom courses). This integration provides us the benefits of automatic course creation, automatic rostering, automatic parent enrollment, and grade passback (for secondary). Infinite Campus has courses separated by semester and/or quarter. The integration with Schoology recognizes that setup and applies it to our Schoology environment.

Question: Why don’t I see my fourth quarter courses?

Answer: Fourth quarter courses will become visible later during third quarter. It was thought that having all quarter courses visible during the transition between semesters would be a bit overwhelming for those that teach separate quarter courses.

Not Using Schoology in One or More Courses? - The Benefit of a Course Presence

Perhaps you aren’t using Schoology for one or more of your courses. In that case, it might help to create a Course Presence.

A Course Presence is an information page to those who visit the course. It contains contact information, links to other resources being used (Seesaw, AP College Board), and a note indicating that you won’t be actively using Schoology this semester.

What is the benefit of this? All students AND parents are automatically enrolled in your course. They have easy access to your course, even if you aren’t using it. Your Schoology page can serve as a landing page for information and communication, especially as individual teacher websites sunset with the new school webpages.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

As with any new adventure, there are questions and concerns. We'd love to hear them! Submit your questions, comments and concerns, and we'll do our best to address them in the following weekly newsletter.

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