Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Bordonaro

October 17th-21st

Language Arts

We are continuing our 3rd unit: Plants and Animals in Their Habitat

Non-fiction Unit

Unit Essential Question: How do living things get what they need to survive?

Close Read: The Coldest Place on Earth

Focuses for this week:

- Identify the main topic of a multi-paragraph text as well as the focus of specific paragraphs within the text

- Non-fiction text features (bold words, headings, glossaries, indexes, captions)

- Describe the overall structure of the story.

Home/School Connection: It’s not just in the wilderness that habitats can be found. A city park is a habitat and so is a suburban backyard. Wherever you live, find a habitat to explore with your child. Look at grass growing between the cracks in a sidewalk, a squirrel scurrying up a tree or even a spider building a web in an attic. Together with your child, talk about how a living thing gets what it needs to survive.


Unit: Place Value

Focus: Skip Counting

School/Home Connection:

Have your student any number (less than 50) and have them skip count from that number (by 2s, 5s, or 10s)

Challenge: have your child skip count by other numbers besides 2s, 5s, and 10s.

ELA Skill

Skill: Shades of Meaning

School/Home Connection: Give your child a word. Brainstorm as a family other words that have the same (or similar) meanings. Try and put the words in order from "lightest to deepest" meanings


Genre of writing: Narrative

Close Read Connection: Coldest Place on Earth

Prompt: Imagine that you are an Emperor Penguin living in Antarctica. Write a journal entry describing a day in your life. Your narrative should use facts and details from the reading selection.


Phonics Focus: sounds that make long u

/u/ (unit, menu, music, January)

/u_e/ (use, cute, huge, cube, muse, reuse)

/ew/ (few, pew, fewer)

/ue/ (fuel, argue, rescue, value, refuel)

High Frequency Words: again, below, carry, does, eight, find, good, house

**High frequency words are words that don't necessarily follow a phonics pattern. They have also been known as word wall words in the past.

Important Dates

  • October 19th: Unity Day (wear orange)
  • October 21st: Next AR cutoff
  • October 28th: Monster Bash
  • October 31st: Halloween~Pajama Day
  • November 14th: No school-Parent/Teacher Conferences (See sign up below)
  • November 15-18th: Early Release (1:25) for P/T Conferences
  • November 18th: Fall Festival (See sign up below)

Flag Salute Dates: (As of now, may change)
  • October 28: Flag Salute
  • November 18: Flag Salute
  • December 16: Flag Salute
  • January 27: Flag Salute
  • February 24: Flag Salute
  • March 31: Flag Salute
  • April 28: Flag Salute
  • May 26: Flag Salute
  • June16: Flag Salute

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please click on the link below to sign up for a Parent/Teacher Conference. We can't wait to meet with all of you!

Fall Festival

Please click on the link below to sign up for our Fall Festival. We need donations and volunteers. Please let us know if all of the spots for volunteers are filled up and you would like to volunteer as well. We are happy to add more slots.

Caine's Arcade

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Unity Day

Unity day is Wednesday, October 19th. Students are encouraged to wear orange. Students are sadly being bullied in schools across America (and the world). We are wearing orange to let them know that they are not alone and we are there for them. We will stand up for them.

Together we can lead the movement against bullying!

Math Symbaloo

This link has typing practice, math, reading, and more. Everything is in one place and easy to use!