Internet Safety

How to keep safe on the internet.


There is possible risks on the internet and it's just as real, on line as it in reality. Everybody is vulnerable when on the world wide web and you have to be careful of what you do and you personal information. You shouldn't be so open about yourself on social networks either. Anybody can get information and know lots about you which is frightening but true!

Online Friends

Talking to someone you don't know is very dangerous and should be avoided. For example someone could contact you, saying they are not who they really are. Some things that you have to be careful about answering are:

"Hey! I know you! I'm friends with your mates, would you like to be my friend?"

"I love you"

"Would you want to meet up soon?"

"Can I have pictures of you?"

"Can I have your phone number?"

Not knowing someone and tell them revealing information about yourself is very risky. You wouldn't know what they was doing with it. Make sure you know who you are talking to and on social networking sites, make certain that your privacy settings are the best they can be and you never accept requests from people you don't know.


On certain apps like Snapchat and Instagram, you can send and upload photos, so other people can see it. Its easy to access images online, just type your name into Google Images and see if you can find pictures of yourself and your friends. With the photos you take they can be instantly backed up.

Hackers can get through to anybody's photos. You need to be careful of what you take and where you put your photos. Obscene photos can get around and used against you. You have to make sure what you take photos of, and when you put photos online.


There are people everywhere who wish to make peoples life hell for no reason and one of the ways is cyber-bullying.

Anonymous hate can be passed around very easily, people aim for people who do strange and different things. Or people simply go out of their way to give hate to someone they don't even know for example, just because they don't like them or like the things they do. You get them everywhere.

The best way to deal with it if you do become a victim of cyber-bullying is too tell someone! It wont stop unless you do something about it! Tell a close friend, family member or even your favourite school teacher.

No one deserves to get bullied for whatever reason. So come out and tell someone if this happens to you, get some help!

Inappropriate Videos and Websites

There is unpleasant videos and websites ALL over the internet. Anybody can gain access from just simply signing up to a website that they think will be 'fun' or 'interesting' or might be into this kind of stuff. Websites and videos can contain nudity or sexual scenes that try to appeal to the older generation.

Some young people might just find it by accident and others can purposely look up for it giving them an in site into the sex industry. Be careful when you are on line and some links that you might think is completely innocent but then could bring you onto a porn website. Watch out for this and do your best to avoid it.