plate techictonics

Divergent Plate Boundry

Divergent plates move apart. As they move apart magma comes out of the ground and forms mountains and volcanoes. In addition, every time the plates move the create an earthquake.

Convection Currents

Convection currents move the plates around . They do that because the bottom part of the mantel that is very close to the outer core heats up and rises then cools. So, then the process starts over again. Convection currents also played a role in the continental drift, because it moved the plates apart so that caused the continents to move apart to.

Techtonic Plates

Plates usually move 1 to 2 centimeters per year. Every time a plate move it causes an earthquake. Plates are located in the lithosphere. The lithosphere is the upper solid part of the mantle. The athenosphere is the lower liquid part of the mantel.