First Day of School Info

School starts this Monday, August 8th at 8:45am

Dear Lancaster High School Eagle Families

We are finally here! The 2022-2023 school year begins this Monday, August 8th at 8:45 am. This message is your complete guide to the first day of school. Please take a moment to review each of these key pieces of information. We look forward to a successful partnership between school and home and an outstanding school year.


Your Principal, Zach Mercier

Bell Schedule For 1st Day of School

Our first day of school is Monday, August 8th. On the first day of school, we will be on a regular day schedule. School will begin at 8:45 am and end at 3:40 pm. We would highly suggest that you arrive early for this first day of school. Traffic will be heavy. Trust us... get here early:)
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How do you pick up your schedule and ID?

There are two ways you can pick up your schedule and ID.

  1. You can check PowerSchool as early as Aug. 5th to see your schedule. Log into your Power School account and see your schedule live. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY SEE CHANGES to your schedule. We HIGHLY SUGGEST you do a final check to your schedule after Friday, August 5th at 5pm (when first day schedules lock).
  2. You can pick up your schedule and ID on the first day from the big gym. Every enrolled student's schedule and ID will be in the large gym for pickup. Please head to the gym first thing upon arrival at school. Gates open 8:15 am.

What do you do if you NEED a schedule change?

  • We will not make schedule changes at this point unless you have a missing class period, a class on your schedule that you have passed, a missing senior grad requirement class, or a duplicate class.
  • If you have a missing class period, a class on your schedule that you have already passed, a missing senior grad requirement class, or a duplicate class, you go to room 307 on the first day of school DURING THE PERIOD where the error exists.
  • The counselor's focus during the first week of school will be to fix schedules that meet the conditions above. Requests for teacher changes, period changes, or lunch changes will not be processed. Schedules are made off student's course selections or counselor direction based on graduation requirements. If you have any questions regarding your schedule that does not meet the above conditions, please reach out to your counselor, but expect delays in response time this first week of school.

Who is my counselor?

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This isn't the elective I signed up for. Can I request a change?

Unfortunately, elective changes cannot be accommodated at this time. If you would like to speak to your counselor about your schedule, counselors will be available to discuss your concerns beginning Monday, August 15th in the Counseling Office.

How do you know which lunch you have, A or B?

At Lancaster High School, we have two lunch periods. Half of our students have A lunch and the other half have B lunch.

Your lunch is determined by your 4th-period class. To see what lunch you have, look for the A or B next to the classroom number of your 4th-period class. See the picture below for an example. DO NOT LOOK NEXT TO THE PERIOD NUMBER (that is "A" track and is listed on all students), you need to look for the letter next to your 4th-period classroom number.

"A" LUNCH - If you have A Lunch, you will have lunch after 3rd period.

"B" LUNCH - If you have B Lunch, you will have lunch after 4th period.

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I want to change lunches. Can I request a lunch change?

No, lunch preference or teacher preference will not be accommodated.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. Parents, we need your help and support in regards to dress code. Students will receive the LnHS Student Handbook. The dress code is outlined in the handbook, but in short, the dress code is that students need to dress appropriately for a school setting. If your student is wearing something and is wondering if it is in dress code, it may not be. Please use common sense and be prepared (have another shirt in your bag for example). Trust me, NOBODY likes to stop students for dress code. Please help us by monitoring your own student's dress.

2022-2023 Bell Schedule

Here are the daily bell schedules for the various types of days that we have throughout the weeks.
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2022-2023 School Calendar

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Need to know where your class is? Download our campus map.

How does my child get lunch?

Lunch is free for all and can be found at the multiple lunch sites on campus.

Food Services is pleased to announce that beginning this school year, your student will receive meals at no charge as part of their school day thanks to the USDA's Covid relief plan. This is an automatic benefit for all enrolled students to students throughout California. It is important that our students are nourished in order for them to learn and not have the pressure associate with program eligibility.

This change means students are not required to complete a meal application or provide any specific documentation, however, we are still required to gather family income and demographic information to ensure that your student benefits from additional state and federal programs that are available.

The California Department of Education uses this confidential information to identify qualifications for additional funding that provides for many programs and opportunities for our students. Based on the information provided, eligible students may receive fee waivers for the PSAT, SAT, free college applications, or much more. The AVUHSD is eligible for additional supplemental and targeted funding for our student programs and services based on a variety of factors, including this data.

Lancaster parents, we need your help! Please, regardless of qualifications, or social-economic standing, please help us provide the best opportunities that we can for our students by taking the few minutes it takes to fill out this form. If you need any assistance filling out this form, email

This confidential form* can be found at:

*Please be careful of the most common errors: Do not put a space after any responses and make sure the name on the first page matches the name on the last.

How do I get my books?

Students will be able to pick up their books multiple ways:
  • Students can pick up books before school, during breaks, and after school
  • Some teachers will bring entire classes to the book depository to get books

If you have books from previous years, PLEASE BRING IN YOUR OLD BOOKS. We both need the books and do not want to see delays in the graduation process.

"Late Start" Information for the 2022-2023 School Year

California law (Senate Bill 328 revised Ed. Code Section 46148) requires all middle schools and high schools to begin no earlier than 8:00am (middle schools) and 8:30am (high schools). This decision was not made by the AVUHSD, rather a direct requirement of law in California. Our school district has worked and collaborated with multiple stakeholding groups to create a universal bell schedule. Considerations of the schedule include transportation, coordination with elementary districts and activities/athletics. The district put out a communique last week.

Here are the key points of the communique regarding late start:

  • Regular days for LnHS will begin at 8:45am and end at 3:40pm
  • "Flex Day" Wednesdays will be moved to Tuesday with a start time of 8:45am and end time of 2:40pm
  • We will continue to have two lunches due to the size of our school
  • There will be limited zero period classes that will begin at 7:45am

More information will be provided in future updates.

Stay Connected!

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Stay Connected, GET OUR APP!

If you have not already, make sure you get our school app on your phone. All information is funneled through this app. This is the go-to spot for information, student grades, and resources.

  • Search “avuhsd” in your App Store,
  • Download the app, open and choose “Lancaster High School” and you will be fully connected.
  • Once downloaded, you will receive your individualized login and password shortly after.

Get connected... get the app!