New England Colonies

Massachusetts/Plymouth Rock

Massachusetts the colony was founded in 1630. The colony Plymouth Rock was founded in 1620 by Separatists. Separatists were people who were trying to escape the Puritan beliefs of England in a new land. When the first people came over to Plymouth Rock in 1620 there was 102 people but by the end of the winter of 1621 there was 44 left. In 1630 1,000 people come over to Massachusetts because of the great turmoil in England. This was known as the " The Great Migration." A few of the Influential people at Plymouth Rock included William Bradford a self taught scholar who was elected governor of Plymouth Rock over 30 times straight. Squanto was the Native American leader who is responsible for helping the pilgrims and was the one who created the first Native American alphabet so pilgrims and Indians could communicate with each other. John Winthrop is another famous person in the colony well known for the quote, " We shall be as a city on a hill." In this new colony there was low mortality rate and people were expected to live long into there 70's.


Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker. Connecticut is well known for having the first written constitution out of all of the colonies. The constitution was called the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island was founded by a "Puritan Rebel" known as Roger Williams. He was a Patriarch who believed that the Father was the head of the household. Williams was exiled in 1930 along with a large group of people for threatening to expose the flaws in Puritan religion. Among one of those exiled with Williams was Anne Hutchinson an Antinomialist, someone who is against law. Hutchinson was threating the belief of patriarchy. She opposed the belief that the Father was the head of household. In 1637 the Pequot War began in Rhode Island. The Pequot war shows a time of unity between white settlers and Narragansett Indians as they joined forces to defeat the Pequot Indians.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire was a very small colony. There were very few details to report about this colony. There was no established religion for this colony.