The Weekly Roar

October 3, 2020

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A Busy Week Ahead!

Hello Families! La Ballona will be a busy place this week. It's Picture Time, Tuesday through Thursday. Because your Zoom classes may be interrupted, please see your teacher's schedule to know what time(s) your Zoom class is. After pictures are taken, we will have many tables set up in the Staff Parking Lot (Farmer's Market style) for you to pick up various items. Here's the flow:

  1. Enter through the main entrance and take your picture in the Quad.
  2. Then, exit out the side gates to the Staff Parking Lot.
  3. Stop by the PTA booths for masks, t-shirts, and membership information.
  4. Third graders, grab your free dictionary donated to you by the Rotary Club.
  5. Thermometers are available from the school nurse.
  6. Pedometers are available from the Safe Route to School organization to help you track your steps.
  7. Get a book! Purchase a $1 book or check out a book from LB's Outdoor Library.
  8. Grab an application for lunch benefits. This helps our school retain our Title I status that enables us to receive additional funding each year.

We look forward to seeing you, with your masks on and 6 feet away from others!


Dr. Becky Godbey

La Ballona Picture Day!

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 8:45am to Thursday, Oct. 8th, 11:30am

10915 Washington Boulevard

Culver City, CA

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Without Our Differences, the World Would be a Very Boring Place

This month, La Ballona is honoring Disability Awareness Month. Our passionate committee is excited to share resources and information for all families and staff. Enjoy!

A disability is defined as a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses or activities. These “limits” a person may experience do not prevent them from achieving success in their pursuits. Most people with disabilities go on to lead very fulfilling lives and below are a few names that you may recognize. These individuals possess different strengths and qualities that make them unique and inspirational. Remember, without our differences the world would be a very boring place. October is Disability Awareness Month and at La Ballona, the message is that our disabilities only make us stronger.

Lady Gaga has fibromyalgia, which is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. Lady Gaga is a decorated musician who has won several awards in entertainment including multiple Grammys, an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD in sixth grade. But while he couldn't sit through class without fidgeting, he could swim for up to three hours at the pool after school. To this day he is known as the most successful Olympian of all time with a total of 28 medals.

Judge Sonya Sotomayor has insulin-treated diabetes. Diabetes is when the body is unable to produce enough sugar. It is treated with diet or daily injections of insulin. Sotomayor is the first Hispanic and Latina member of the United States Supreme Court.

Maya Angelou had selective mutism, an anxiety disorder that causes a person to go mute in stressful situations due to physical and psychological trauma they previously endured. In the five-year span that she experienced this, her listening, observing and memorizing skills improved and her love of books expanded.

Here is a YouTube video highlighting more people in history and some from today that have excelled with disabilities. Some historical figures were diagnosed later due to researchers' continued learning of differences in learning.

We have included a list of other celebrities with known learning and physical disabilities. Check it out! Celebrities with Disabilities

Below is a book we recommend checking out this month. We have included a YouTube link if you prefer to listen to the story. Other suggested reads are listed on the attached pdf. Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor--highlights a whole list of differences, including adhd, autism, asthma, and allergies, and celebrates them (recommended age 4 to 8)

Other suggested reads: Book List

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Sign-Up for Listen & Learn HERE

All sessions are recorded and posted on the district website:

Reading and Math Assessments

In the next two weeks, students in grades 1-5 will participate in reading and math assessments. These computer-adaptive assessments provide important information to our teachers. As your teachers give you more information, we ask for your support with these. You can support your child best by making sure they have a quiet environment, free from distraction. Also, please do not help your child with item answers. We need a true measure of how your children are doing. The flyers below provide helpful information.
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Safe Route to Schools (repeated)

Safe Route to Schools is organizing a challenge for all students to walk and bike more during Full Distance Learning. Pedometers will be issued to students in early October. Click here for more information:

*Are you passionate about saving our Earth and Being Physically Healthy? If so, we need you! La Ballona needs a parent or two to coordinate our Safe Route to Schools Program. How fun to plan activities to encourage our students to walk more and to decrease traffic congestion. Email if you'd like to be a school hero in this way!

Below are some fun color activities for your children.

Please Join Our PTA

The La Ballona PTA needs you! Being a member of the PTA is one of the best ways a parent or guardian can be informed on what goes on at La Ballona Elementary School. Being a member also allows you to vote at all La Ballona Elementary PTA meetings. Be involved and have a say at what goes on at our school! Being a member does not require you to volunteer or attend meetings, but we always appreciate extra company! Please join our PTA!

Here are two ways to sign up.


Or use our Square link:

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