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To Those Who Are Advancing Good

It takes your breath away. Almost every day, the actions and words and events that cascade toward us are almost unbearable. From every direction and through every medium, we receive bad news. I facilitated a discussion in the two psychology classes I teach on the Monday after the mass killing in Las Vegas. As I did, something strongly came to my mind. It was the words (geek moment here) of Samwise Gamgee in the Tolkein book The Two Towers - "there is good in this world, and it is worth fighting for."

This simple line got me thinking about the people I know who are "fighting the good fight of faith" and advancing good day by day. Kirt Lewis with World Relief in Sacramento advocating, writing, speaking and standing with refugees who genuinely need our welcome and our stability and our love. Jeff Pishney and Eric Jung with Love Our Cities in Modesto tirelessly encouraging the people of their city to love their neighbors in practical ways. Artie Padilla, Andrew Feil and Javier Garza working hard every day to link churches and resources to the needs of neighborhoods in Fresno. Rachelle and Loren Ditmore, Marissa Maldonado and many other staff at the City of Refuge teaching young girls to Shine and young men to stand for what is right through Fight Club. I could name a lot more names here, and you probably can as well.

Our fighting looks different - it is not physically violent, but this kind of work forcefully takes back territory and lives that were being marginalized, destroyed or suppressed. My local church has as part of its three fold mission, "engaging the city". Are you? It is time for gospel people and good news leaders to advance this good like never before. Don't shrink back. Find people like those who will gather in cities across the country at Q Commons on Thursday, October 26 and get encouraged to do you part in advancing good.

Jeff Kreiser

Director of the ACTS Group

Q Commons Sacramento - Healing our Divided Nation

In this season of division and disagreement, now is the time to come together to be part of the solution. Join Q Commons on Thursday, October 26, 2017, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, as we gather at Sacramento State Alumni Center to learn and consider how to faithfully engage our cultural moment and bring hope and leadership to your community. National speakers include David Brooks (Cultivating Virtue), Kara Powell (Confronting Our Technology Addiction) and Propaganda(Our Complicated Moment).

Click HERE to find out more and to register!

Don't live in Sacramento? Find a venue near you HERE

Meet New Staff: Sara Page

Sara Page is the Director of Operations for the ACTS Group. She oversees all operational and administrative functions and works closely with leaders, initiative development, communications and staff management. Her passion for local missions and the work of the ACTS Group flourished while working for the Luis Palau Sacramento Festival in 2012. She is inspired by the unification of churches to serve the kingdom as one body.

Sara loves coffee, exploring new places, and spending time with loved ones. She is a graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University where she earned a BA in Social Work and minored in Christian Missions. She is thankful for the great leaders who helped shape and inspire her to be bold in her faith. She hopes the word of one such leader will challenge and direct you as it has her, “Everyday, find out what you can do for Jesus and do it!” – Dana Walling

ACTS Group Financial Update

The ACTS Group operates on a July to June 30 fiscal year. We closed the 2016-2017 fiscal year on June 30 in the black and with three months operating expenses in the bank. Our first quarter (July-September) is always our lowest in revenue, so we are pressing into this last part of 2017 with specific goals. Pray with us that we would see God add 10 organizational or church partners and 20 individual contributors to those supporting the ongoing work of activating unified gospel initiatives in communities and cities. If you would like information on joining the ACTS Group financial support team as a monthly contributor, please reach out to LeeAnn Danielson at

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activating unified gospel initiatives in communities and cities. Gospel-based activators provide expertise, guidance, training and outcome tracking that helps leaders accelerate gospel movement in their local community and the spheres of cultural influence of the city.