Aquin Theater Dept. Presents . . .

Emma, A Pop Musical

The Review is In . . .

It was a wonderful production that received rave reviews from Dan Stevens at Village Voices (pick up a copy at Sullivan's if you don't have the Voices delivered to your mailbox).

And now you can watch it here for the first time . . . or play it again and again. And, since there was a planned cast change for Sunday's performance, we bring you both Saturday's and Sunday's performances. Friday and Saturday night featured Mike (Aquin class of 4) and Joanie Bald in the roles of Mr. & Mrs. Weston. Sunday afternoon, Tim (Aquin class of 89) and Joy Hotchkiss filled the role of the Westons.

Saturday Night's Performance

Sunday Afternoon's Performance

Director's Note

'Emma' is a story about a prep high school girl who fashions herself a “matchmaker”. She becomes obsessed with matching her friend, Harriet, with the love of her life. It becomes obvious that she has taken on a task larger then her match making abilities. There are plenty of laughs and lessons to be learned during the presentation.

This play is known as a pop musical. There are 24 songs and most of them will be very familiar to the audience. This is one of the youngest casts that we’ve had for our spring musical and they have worked very hard to bring you an enjoyable and memorable performance. So sit back, enjoy, sing along if you like and be prepared to be entertained.


Steve Hotchkiss, Patty Hotchkiss & Jane Feiner