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How Do They Get Their Stripes?

People think that zebras have their stripes to keep away predators. It also helps them hide from predators in tall grass. They also say that the stripes are for when the zebras stand next to each other they can camoflauge in with each other. That helps them not get eaten by predators because the predator won't know which zebra is which if they are all in a huddle.

How Do They Run Side To Side, Not Straight?

Zebras run side to side because their eyes are on the side of their head. The zebras eyes are not located right infront of their face. When they run they run in a zig zag form. It also helps them from predators, their predators are lions, hyenas, leapords, wild dogs and cheetahs. When they are cornered, they kick at the predators and bite their legs.
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Different From Horses

Zebras are different from horses because they don't have bushy tails like horses. Anther thing that is different is that horses manes always stick straight up. Also, a zebra and horse noses are different. Zebras also have stripes that can change, horses don't have any stripes. Also the zebra body is more shaped like a pony.
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What Is The Diet Of A Zebra?

Zebras tend to mostly eat grass. They like to eat short grass. They mainly eat grass, but they also eat shrubs, tree bark , leaves and herbs. The zebras will travel up to 1,800 miles in search of their food.

Where Do They LIve?

The zebras live throughout Africa. Each of the zebras have their own home. There are three types of species of zebras. Plains zebra, mountain zebras and grevy's zebras. The plains zebra live in treeless grasslands and woodlands of Eastern and Western Africa. Grey's zebras live in the arid grasslands of Ethiopia. The mountain zebras live in South Africa, Angola and Namibia.

Sizes Of Each Zebra Species

The mountain zebra is about 3.6 - 4.8 at shoulder tall and they weigh about 770 pounds.

The plains zebra is about 3.8 - 4.9 tall at shoulder and they weigh about 529-820 pounds.

They grevy’s zebra is the largest zebra according to san diego zoo it weighs about 770-990 pounds 5 feet shoulder too hoof their thick bodies make them look like mules.


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