The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

In life, we learn that events don't turn out the way they were anticipated to, and those expectations had could lead to a sad, yet wise experience for the individual.

Expectations vs Reality

"There were people everywhere on the street, but the stranger could not have been more alone than if it were empty,"(Zusak 473).

This citation shows how expecting certain results, such as wanting to feel apart of a group, might make you feel the same way or even worse when your efforts don't turn out to be good. As shown in the quote above, the man didn't want to feel alone. But even if he was around hundreds or thousands of people, he still felt a strong sense of loneliness instead of comfort.

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The Chances are 0 to None

"No one wanted to bomb Himmel Street. No one would bomb a street named after heaven would they. Would they?[...] In short, Himmel Street was flattened,"(Zusak 498).

This quote from the story shows how some events that occur are inevitable, and no matter how much someone might expect it not to happen, things don't always go their way. As seen in the quote above, the narrator was explaining his thoughts on Himmel Street (a main setting in the story), and how it wouldn't become a victim to the series of bombings going on in their country. For Himmel Street not to get bombed was impossible, and soon enough it was destroyed. None of the townspeople were expecting it to occur.

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The Luck of the Draw

"She was still clutching the book. She was holding desperately on to the words who had saved her life,"(Zusak 499).

This citation shows that some incidents that take place can be very helpful, even if it happened by chance. Although Liesel (the main character)'s life was saved, her friends and family's lives were not. She ended up surviving the bombing of Himmel Street (a short event that greatly impacted the story) because she was in the basement, away from harm, writing in her book. Even if she was saved and alive, the cost of her lucky gain was losing many of her loved ones for good.

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