zomg I love lunch!

I would like you to love lunch, with me.

A special day...

Please join me for a joyous perusal of the Rogue Valley Growers Market, followed by a delightful luncheon where we may deconstruct and analyze the complex emotional strife experienced by the the local hippie under the oppressive Zionist regime.

Or, you know, just talk about geeky stuff.

Outside Plexis - but not actually on the property, obviously; let's keep to a public-right-of-way where law-abiding citizens can mind their own business without harassment from "Management".

Tuesday, Sep. 10th, 12pm

137 A St

Ashland, OR

It's gonna be FABULOUS!

Please RSVP by sending me a text message or email so that I don't make the drive all the way to Ashland only to discover that you don't love me.

Seriously, don't be that dick.

1) Meet up.

2) Enjoy the local fare at the Rogue Valley Growers Market.

3) Lunch.

4) ...

5) Profit.

We are P07r0457

All your base are belong to us.