Out of the dust

BY: Karen Hesse

All about Out Of The Dust

A terrible accident has transformed Bille Joe's life,scaring him inside and out because there was a terrible dust storm and he lost two people in his life. But mean while the dust storm is happening and people are fleeing from the dust bowl. The dust storm is is killing all of the crops and farm land and if the dust is killing the families too because they relay on the farm and crops. The mother was very divastaed when she found out that she had a miscarige.

Maddie McKee

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Advice column

Dear,Maddie McKee

My name is Billy Joe and one of my problems are that my mom and baby brother pasted away during the dust storm and I am very deprested. My dad is very depressed because his wife pasted away and his little baby son.How can I fix that. Tell me if you get back too me thanks.


Billy Joe

Dear, Billy Joe

I know how you feel because my aunts daughter had a misscarage.But then she got back on her feet and had a little baby boy. So tell yourself never give up.


Madison McKee


Dear Madison McKee

The one issue is the Dust Bowl, that efected many people and hurt many people. I think that it should not have happen. it made a lot of people die according to the text it states that the mom died because she inhaled a lot of dust as result she pasted on. With her baby boy. Thank you for taking the time out of your day.

Madison McKee

I thought it was a good book. It really makes you open your eyes. it also makes you see that you should be thankful and gratefull for all of it.