George Anton Harris

My great grandpa

Birth facts and death facts

George Anton Harris was born in 1886 in Sparta Greece and lived with two brothers and three sisters. He died in 1958 of pancreatic cancer. He lived a total 72 intresting years
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Profession and lifestyle

George lived most of his life in Chicago Illinois. He moved there around 27. He was a produce whole saler who made about 50,000 dollars a year! He loved riding horses and going to the mountains in Greece.
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George Harris was in the Greek millatary and was known for his skilled horse riding. This is where he met his good friend Prince Arthor of Sparta in a horse race. Even though they were competitors they were good friends.
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George married in 1932 to Demetra Bouyoukas, and seven children. Their names were Christene, Georgia, Anthony, Mary, Ted andEmily and Ivick.

Historical moments

George Harris lived through both world wars and was the best man to Prince Arthor at his wedding before becoming King of Sparta. Also he saw the Titanic leave its port in New York.

Intresting facts

He was one of the first men to use a telephone. He also once killed a shark in the Mediterranean sea with Prince Arthor.

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