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Continental Drift

Summative Paragraph

Continental Drift powerpoint

I agree with the continental drift because all of the continents look like they fit together like a puzzle and they have found fresh water animal fossils on more than one continent how else would they have gotten there and the warm weathered plant fossils in the arctic ocean, it would be way to cold for those plants now days.

Sea Floor Spreading

Document On Sea Floor Spreading

Sea floor spreading document

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Summative Paragraph #2

Seafloor spreading is supported by old and new rocks, magnetic pole reversal and the ridges made from magma. So the seafloor spreading starts when magma comes out of a crack on the ocean floor and magma comes out, after thee magma comes out it ends up drying creating these ridges. Well as the continental crust is spreading apart these energy filled pole come at switching directions of north and south. With all of this happening they found that newer rocks are found in the mid oceanic crust leaving the old ones by the continental crust.


Plate Tectonics Summary

I do not think this theory is true because if it was just the plates moving how would all the evidence for continental drift work like the fresh water animal fossils on South America and Africa.