Lunny's Class News

Information for December 3 through 19

Test and Quizzes

We have several test and quizzes coming up before the holiday break. Students should have the dates written down in agendas as well as be bringing home notebooks with study guides in them. Please be looking for those.

Science Test

There will be an end of unit science test next Tuesday (12/10). This test will include everything we have been learning so far this year. It will cover rocks, soils, land and water features, land changes (slow and rapid), minerals and fossils. Study guides for each of these topics should be in their science notebooks. Please let me know if you need additional copies. I am more than happy to email them to you.

Social Studies Quizzes

We are working throughout the colonization of South Carolina in Social Studies. Study guide for this topic should be in their Social Studies notebooks. This study guide is the first one where students will be required to answer questions about the information. All of the answers to the questions can be found in the section above the questions. Please work with students to read carefully to be able to answer the questions. This will also help students with reading comprehension as well as social studies.

Math Timed Fact Quizzes

We continue taking our timed multiplication fact quizzes. Please help your child memorize their time tables. Flash cards are great for this!

Christmas/Holiday Party

Per the district guidelines we are not allowed to have a Class Party for christmas/the holiday. Feel free to send in a special snack to have during snack time the week of December 15 if you would like.

Wish List

Items We Need for class:

  • Kleneex
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Candy for treats (like dum-dums)
  • Class snack (peanut free please!)