The two main parts of a sentence.

What is a Subject?


(click on links to see simple and complete subjects)

What is a Predicate?


(click on links to see simple and complete predicates)

Practice Games

In Class Activity

Phase 1

Now it's time to write some sentences.

  1. number off by 6
  2. You will be given a sentence strip, write your name on the back.
  3. Each number will start their sentence with a different complete subject
  • Group 1: My big, hairy dog,
  • Group 2: My intelligent but weird teacher,
  • Group 3: My loving and sweet mother
  • Group 4: My lazy big brother
  • Group 5: My hot date
  • Group 6: My adorable baby sister
Phase 2

  1. It is now up to you to finish the sentence by adding a complete predicate, remember the complete predicate always starts with the simple predicate(verb).
  2. Cut your sentence strip between your complete subject and complete predicate
  3. Now neatly circle your simple subject and simple predicate.
Phase 3
  1. Make this chart in your Com Arts/Writing Notebook
  2. Start by writing your subject and predicate that you created.
Phase 4

Lets Mingle

  1. Now you are going to switch your complete predicate with anyone.
  2. In the next set of lines on your t-chart record the complete predicate and subject on the chart.
  3. Now you will repeat this step three times, listen to direction carefully so you are finding the correct people to switch with. DO NOT return the sentence strip once you record the answer.
  • Switch your complete subject with some who has a different number than you, record your subject and predicate
  • Switch your complete predicate with someone who has the same number as you and record
  • Switch both your complete subject and complete predicate with anyone so you get two that you haven't had yet.
Phase 5

  1. You will now complete the rest of your chart by filling in the last two columns.