Road to Success

Ambrie Scribner


Girl Scouts

Throughout elementary school I participated in Girl Scouts, a group for young girls to start building courage, confidence, and character at a young age. Being a girl scout taught me leadership skills early on, which has allowed for me to partake in other leadership opportunities as I grew older.


I've spent a total of three weeks in Nicaragua; One week in July of 2014 and another two weeks the following year. This year we started building houses for families who had lost their homes due to the rising water level of the ocean. We also spent time every day teaching English to Nicaraguans who wanted to learn the language. A class was held every day, Monday through Friday, that offers English to students eager to learn. Again, as we do every year, we fed families living at the garbage dump and visited the orphanage to play with the children. I went out of my comfort zone, traveling outside of the country without the comfort and familiarity of my family, to help others in need. These trips have taught me an independence I never knew I had, and have allowed for me to find myself within the process.


The National Charity League is a non-profit national organization of mother and daughter members in Chapters across the United States. Participating in NCL gives mothers and daughters a chance to bond through charity work and form relationships between other mothers and daughters in your chapter.

Through NCL I got the chance to volunteer at the Polar Plunge and witness hundreds of individuals jump into the freezing water at Hampton Beach one winter, all to benefit a great cause. NCL started my liking for charity work and has only made me more interested in these kinds of opportunities.



For the past 17 years, I have played the role as an older sister. My mom tells us all the time that whatever I did, Shanna did, too. She looked up to me. Growing up, my job has been to be the best big sister I can be. Luckily, I have three older sisters who I have had the chance to learn from. I know what to do and what not to do. Although it can be hard at times, I love being an older sister, and I have tried doing the best that I can. Shanna has turned out to be an amazing individual, so much that I find myself learning things from her. She has really had an impact on who I am today and I am so grateful.


From the day I began working at Parker-Varney Elementary School, I have been referred to as 'Miss Ambrie' by the kids I work with. Some even call me their teacher. It caught me off guard when I was first called a teacher by one of my kids, because I am still so young. However, this opened my eyes. I am admired and looked up to by these young children. With that, I have acquired the job as a role model to the 30 children I work with everyday and must set an example to be the best person I can be.


Having pets has given me the chance to be responsible for another living being, and has allowed for me to form a love and mother-like role. Recently, my kitten became ill while my parents were away on a trip. I was responsible for taking my kitten to and from the vet, and was just as scared as a mom would be if her child were to become seriously ill.



I plan on joining Greek Life during my college years, which hopefully results in being selected into a sorority. Greek Life is a great opportunity for students to expand their leadership abilities and get involved in a meaningful organization. Through my experience in a sorority, I will be participating in different charity events, and hope to plan my own events during my time in my sorority.

Study Abroad

Eventually, I plan on studying abroad for a semester in college. I will use the leadership skills I have acquired over the years to allow for success and help with these plans.


As of now, I plan to major in pre-education at the University of Arizona, meaning I will studying to teach for elementary-aged students. As a teacher, I will be looked up upon by lots of young children. I will act as a role model and must set a good example for the children I will be surrounded by on a daily basis. Luckily, I will already have experience with this through my job in high school. The only difference will be that I will have an impact on more than just 30 children.

A Mom

As a mother, I will have responsibility over another life. From the day they're born until I die, I will be responsible for another human, maybe even a few. The role as a mother will start a new chapter in my life.
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I chose a heart as my symbol because I truly believe I have a big heart. I am very empathetic and have a love for everyone and everything. Helping others in need and making people happy are things I love to do and I strive for. In my future I plan to continue with humanitarian work and hope to change many more lives.