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The New Woodridge Teacher Evaluation Plan Training Is Here!

We know you have been waiting anxiously for both the new Woodridge Teacher Evaluation Plan and the on-line training that goes with it! Well, maybe "anxiously" is a strong word, but it's here anyway! The Teacher Evaluation Committee has been working on the new Teacher Evaluation Plan since last July, and we also have committed through the D68 Joint Student Growth Committee to use ECRA and an "All-In" Local Growth Model to evaluate Student Growth.

By way of background, the Danielson Framework is the "Professional Practice" portion of the new Teacher Evaluation Plan, which comprises 70% of the Evaluation Plan, and the Student Growth portion is 30% of the Plan. The Student Growth portion becomes part of the evaluation process starting September 1, 2016, but next year, we will be doing a "no stakes" implementation of Student Growth so that certified staff can see how it works.

But don't just take my word for it...we have an on-line training program. The Woodridge Teacher Evaluation Plan Training Program is an in-house created 1 1/2 hour PowerPoint presentation with audio that will take you through the process of the Danielson Framework For Teaching and the Student Growth requirements for the new Teacher Evaluation Plan. The Program is in three modules, and covers the Overview of the Teacher Evaluation Plan, the Professional Practice Process, and Student Growth along with how to calculate the summative rating. I know you're excited...

But Wait, There's More! Internal University Credit or Pay!

We have actually contracted with Teachscape, the on-line training provider for The Charlotte Danielson Group, to provide substantive Danielson on-line, on-demand training for Woodridge School District 68 Teachers! The training is 20 hours long and covers the Four Domains, 22 Components, and aligned Critical Attributes, along with actual video review of different styles of teaching!

Here's the good news...the combination of the Teachscape training and the Woodridge Teacher Evaluation Plan Training is 21 1/2 hours. So here is our offer:

If you take all 21 1/2 hours of training (we will know who takes the training because we will get reports on who takes it and who doesn't), you can receive:

  • 1 Free Internal University Credit...You don't have to pay for it at all and keep the usual $110 fee in your pocket...or,
  • We will pay you for 21 1/2 hours at the Internal University rate.

There's also a third don't have to take it at all! Why the third option? Here's what we know...some people have already taken the Danielson Framework through another school district or university, so they don't feel the need to take it again, and that's alright.

We are, however, requiring a Statement of Assurance from everyone that they understand the substance of the Danielson Framework and the Woodridge Teacher Evaluation Plan process and agree to be held responsible for them, whether or not they take the on-line Danielson Teachscape training course or the Woodridge Teacher Evaluation Process training. So it's your choice whether to take the training or not. Everyone, however, has to sign a Statement of Assurance. You will either sign if you decide not to take the training, or you will acknowledge it at the end of the Woodridge Teacher Evaluation Plan training.

An important note, there is no penalty for deciding not to take any of the courses. We don't categorize people by whether they have taken the courses or not, but we do want to make sure that we are able to identify who are taking the courses and who are not for payment purposes, and to make sure that everyone has a choice. I will be sending a link to the Internal University Credit Form by e-mail to all certified staff.

By the way, you have all summer to complete the trainings. We will check on everyone's progress when the school year starts, and follow up with teachers who have said they wanted to take the training but haven't yet completed it.

We need everyone's answer by June 10th, so please get the Internal University form back to Becky Vascik by June 10th.

How Do I Sign Up for the Danielson Teachscape Module?

Signing up is easy! For the Charlotte Danielson Teachscape Module, starting now, you can log in with the easy instructions I am attaching to an e-mail following this HR Corner.

How Do I Sign Up for the Woodridge Teacher Evaluation Plan Process Training?

For the Woodridge Teacher Evaluation Training Program, Modules 1 through 3 are available through GCN. Just log on the GCN as you normally do and the Teacher Evaluation Plan training programs will be offered in the list of tutorials that you are required to complete on a yearly basis. Just watch the videos, confirm you have completed them, and you are done. I am attaching the GCN URL below, and I will also send it in the e-mail following this HR Corner.

How Do I Get Additional Resources, Like the Evaluation Handbook and the Rubrics?

Great question! We have attached them to the "HR for Current Staff" on the District website under "Teacher Evaluation Plan Resources." You will need to log in, but the Resources will be available all summer and will be updated as we gather more information to add.