Wanted Virus Project

Connor Weempe and Nelya Herring

Ebola Virus


The Viral structure of ebola is a helical Shape such as shown in the first picture.

The scientific name of ebola is ebolavirus. The comen name for ebola is ebola.

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Viral replication

Ebola is in the lysogenic state for 2 to 21 days then it becomes lytic and goes throught it cycle shown in the third picture.

Host cell

Ebolas host cells are both the Immune system and the Organ system cells.

The country that ebola is located in as of right now is Africa because every body that has visited Africa has died when they cought it.


the other viruses that work with ebola are Bundibugyo virus (BDBV), Sudan virus (SUDV), and Taï Forest virus (TAFV).


The only known result of catching ebola is death for all people exept for Africain Natives.


The only known spiecies that can catch the ebola virus as of right now are humans and non-human primemates.

Injury claim

The ebola virus stays dormant in your body from 2 to 21 days then it becomes active and starts to destroy your immune system and organ system


right now there are no vaccines for ebola that have been used for clinical reasons yet now in the future medics might start to mass produce them for clinical uses