Basset Hounds

By Baylee Newell

Basic Information

Basset hounds are short dogs with a long body. They are great family dogs, because they are gentle, playful, and loyal. They generally live ten to twelve years. Basset hounds can live in an apartment, in the city, or on a farm. If you live in the city with a basset hound you will need to take him or her on long walks. If you are thinking about having baby bassets; you will probably have eight little guys or gals running around. Basset hounds can have up to 15 babies! Basset hounds don't have very many health problems, just make sure you don't overfeed them.

Fun Facts

The basset hound is from France. It get its name from the French word bas, which means "low." The basset hound was crossed with bloodhounds in the 1800's to increase the size of them. They were then crossed with artesien normands to get the dog we get today. Basset hound are great dogs that everyone should have!!!