Art Directors By :Azjia Thomas

Career Cluster : Arts A/V Technology & Communications

Art Directors are the best you should try being an art director yourself someday

Art Directors have the best job ever. They get to work with fashion designers and directors of movies sometimes

Responsibilities of Art Directors

Art Directors have many responsibilities. For example, they present designs to clients for approval. They also coordinate (discuss) activities with other artistic and creative departments like fashion designers.

A Couple of pointers

In To Be An Art Director...

In order to be an Art Director you need to have a Bachelors Degree from college. Also you need to have experience cooperating with others because you will be doing a lot of group work.


Art Directors make about 121,890 per year which would be enough to support your self
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Dress code

As an art director you have to dress very professional. For example , a three piece suit would make you look very professional.


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