Thursday Brief

October 15


Please take the time to read through the brief. I do this to save you time on having to sit through unnecessary staff meetings. If you have not read a brief go back and read it. I do not always "remind" you on following briefs information from previous ones. (Since I expected that you read it.) Thank you very much for all you do in your busy lives...including reading this message :).

Additional Learning Areas

Don't forget the Outdoor Classroom and the STEM/Makerspace Classroom!!! These are there for you to use. Also the common area is available for you. Mrs. Harms created a calendar for the Outdoor classroom and the STEM Lab. We need to input the TLC times, but if you need all day, there may be some flexibility if we need to move just need to know in advance. The calendars are on GOOGLE.

Also, don't forget the robots and STEM material I bought that are locked in the closets. These are really fun projects if you can work in the time.

Weekly Calendar

ThursdayOctober17Dyslexia Awareness Day-Wear Red

ThursdayOctober17Dyslexia Awareness Night (District)7:00 PMElementary Library

FridayOctober18Ruby MendozaBirthday


MondayOctober21Melanie ProvenceBirthday

MondayOctober21Nancy QuesadaBirthday

TuesdayOctober22Writing Benchmark

WednesdayOctober23District Flu ShotAdministration Building

WednesdayOctober23Transportation Appreciation Day

Personal Days

Policy states that these days are discretionary when on a holiday, staff development day, testing day, or when it could impede the school functioning. Also, that they need to be put in in advance of at least 3 days and are granted on a first come, first serve basis.

That being said...I have had to deny personal days due to lack of subs. We cannot put in for subs a day or two prior when we already have over 10 people out and expect it to be filled. So, if you plan to need personal days, put them in as soon as you know you will need them or you may not get them. This is especially true for Friday afternoons.

Subs WILL be put in for sick leave (doctor apt/sick self or family) regardless if they are filled or not. This is only for personal leave.

September/October Pictures Video

Please add any pictures here from September/October for my November Newsletter video. Make sure students are good for public. Please include pictures from Dot Day, Constitution Day, Parent Orientation, Patriot Day, anything else fun :).

TTESS Goals & Part I & Formal Observation Pre-conference

Thank you for completing Part I and you goals for the year. If I sent you a follow up email, please make sure you have followed through with that.

Also, I have scheduled formal working in all those pre-conferences!!! Remember we discuss the lesson I will watch as well as things I may not see like how you planned the lesson, how you planned for differentiation, how you may address certain behaviors, what may have been taught before or what may happen after....

Positivity Project Posters

Sorry but I'm short a few posters. If you ordered a poster and it wasn't delivered, it should come soon hopefully...

Staff Halloween Luncheon

Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 11:30am to Thursday, Oct. 31st, 1:30pm


Join in on the Ghoulish Fun and Sign up for our Halloween Luncheon!

Positivity Project Week Six: PERSPECTIVE

This is the google drive folder that has all of the resources I use. If you use please refer to the paper I send and this folder you can access the videos if they don't work. It is too much work for me to copy each link. Also, there are many other resources and activities on this folder you can access if you have time and want to explore the character traits more.

Here is this week's AGENDA for Perspective:

Big picture

RTI Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 3-5pm

Nikol's Office

Sorry I had to move to a Wednesday again! Thursday is Halloween and these tend to run late!!!! Please RSVP and we will schedule a time.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Coach Scott shares these healthy newsletters with me. Passing Along :)

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From Mrs. Villarreal

Teachers, Please remember that Mr. Gray’s Anger Management groups have been divided by grade, 3rd grade will meet at 9 a.m. and 4th grade at 2 p.m. in the commons area. If your student is behind in classwork, you may keep them until they are caught up with work.

The mentoring group will continue to meet on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. in the commons area.

This year I will be helping Mrs. Quesada with Dyslexia testing. Please understand if I can not get to see your students as soon as they sign up. I encourage you to continue being proactive with your students, model problem solving skills for them, recognize triggers to their negative behaviors, and be vigilant during recess and transition times. Lately, some of the “counseling” issues have been situations that could have been dealt with in class. I will try to keep the guidance lessons going as scheduled, but I may need to reschedule some as the year progresses. Thank you for understanding.

From Mrs. Cristan

Please review 504 accommodations. Contact parent of any changes additions/removals and then let me know.

When dealing with an incident that you believe will result in an office referral, please do not have students write statements in your class. We will request the students to write statements if necessary in the office.

  • If you assist with questioning the students (we do appreciate you assisting us) and would like to communicate information that you gathered, please summarize on a Notice of Concern or email.

From Mrs. Hoover

Writing Benchmark 4th grade is October 22nd, accommodation pages will be sent out soon. Make sure to read and correct in a timely fashion. Come and talk to me if you have questions.

I am still working closely with HMH to fix the student/class issues. Hopefully, this will be corrected this week. I will keep you posted. The student id number is the username and either Hornets1 or Hornets! may work.

Interim assessment data is now available in DMAC for Math teachers.

Tutorial time & dates are due Friday. Remember this is your morning or afternoon tutorials.